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Comparison: Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0

Nowadays, eCommerce is gaining popularity rapidly with many online businesses sprouting like mushrooms day by day. That raises the question of how to set up and operate them most smoothly. If you’re also looking for the answer to that question, you might have heard of Magento and its partners. One of those is Magezon, a provider of Magento 2 extensions that help website owners improve the functionality of their websites. Currently, we are in the process of developing Magezon Page Builder 3.0, a complete new version that will be a strong competitor to Magento Page Builder. However, another question appears: What’s better? Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0? To help you get the answer, we’ve put together this comparison with all the information you need to determine which will work best for your business! Let’s get started!

A Brief Overview Of Magento Page Builder And Magezon Page Builder

Before diving into the detailed comparison between Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0, let’s have a look at each builder’s basic knowledge. 

1. Magento Page Builder

Magento Page Builder is a Magento 2 extension for creating content by dragging and dropping pre-built controls known as “content types”. 

The Page Builder in Magento 2 was first introduced in version 2.3.1 of the Commerce edition, in March 2019. And it was not until August 2021 was this functionality factored in version 2.4.3 of the Open Source edition. 

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2. Magezon Page Builder

Magezon Page Builder is a powerful set of tools that helps you create and manage your Magento website without touching any line of code. Everything from CMS pages, static blocks, category descriptions to product descriptions is easily configured in seconds. 

The first version of the page builder was released in 2019 and last updated in 2022. The newest version, Magezon Page Builder 3.0, is currently in development and will be available in the next few months.

Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0 Comparison

1. Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0 Similarities

Drag & Drop

Magento Page Builder and Magezon Page Builder 3.0 both have an intuitive drag and drop interface. That means you can create a page of your own by simply dragging and dropping content from here to there. And that’s it, you’ve formed a fundamental layout for your eCommerce page without touching any single line of code. 

Inline Editing 

With the aid of the feature known as “Inline Editing,” you are able to modify and add text visually and immediately on the screen without switching between “read-only” and “edit” views. In other words, you can quickly edit or add text without opening the settings. Both the Magezon and Magento page builders offer this feature.

Live Preview

Live Preview is a nifty feature that allows you to preview how content will look on your storefront. It means any changes to your content will be shown in the builder instantly. And of course, this feature is integrated into both page builders.

Content Types

Both page builders are used to create CMS pages, static blocks, category descriptions, product descriptions & short descriptions, and dynamic blocks (Magento Commerce only).

2. Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0 Differences

Now that you know the similarities between Magento Page Builder and Magezon Page Builder 3.0, let’s dig into their major differences.

Builder Interface

The first aspect that differs between Magento Page Builder and Magezon Page Builder 3.0 is their builder interface. 

Once you access the Magento Page Builder workspace, you’ll see a panel fixed on the left that contains all content types. You are allowed to drag and drop the content types into the main workspace on the right called stage. In addition, at the top of the builder, there is a bar with options: Preview On Desktop/Mobile, Apply Template, Save As Template, Enable/Disable Full Screen Mode.

Magento Page Builder Interface

For Magezon Page Builder 3.0, there is a navigation bar at the top of the builder that includes some functions such as Add New Element, Layout Library, Layers, History, Import & Export, etc. This bar’s position could be changed to the left, right, or bottom side. Next is the main workspace in the center of the builder where you can add elements. Also, at the bottom of the builder is a Quick Options bar that allows you to quickly add rows with different layouts, Text Block element, and other elements.

Magezon Page Builder 3.0 Interface


Magento Page Builder has a list of 15+ content types for creating content. Some types of content can be mentioned such as Row, Column, Text, Heading, Buttons, Divider, HTML Code, Image, etc.

Meanwhile, Magezon Page Builder 3.0 provides 50+ ready-to-use elements to help you build any desired content. In addition to the same elements as Magento Page Builder, there are also more advanced elements that meet more needs in page creation such as: Call To Action, Circle Counter, Clip Mask, etc.

Design Options

Regarding design options, Magento Page Builder allows you to customize basic ones like Alignment, Border, Border Color, Border Width, Border Radius, Margins, and Padding. Meanwhile, Magezon Page Builder gives you many more styling options such as Box Shadow, Filters, Transform, and Animation. 


Sometimes when you want to build multiple pages with the same layout, you have to repeat the creation and customization operations. This makes your work process time-consuming and the solution to this problem is the Template feature.

Magento Page Builder allows you to save a page as a template for later use. However, if you just want to save part of a page or build from pre-built templates, this page builder can’t help you.

In this case, Magezon Page Builder 3.0 will lend a helping hand. It offers a list of layouts that are attractive, expertly crafted, and suitable for various businesses. It also allows you to save certain content to the Layout Library.

Responsive Controls

About Magento Page Builder, responsive controls are much more limited than Magezon Page Builder 3.0. Within the builder, it allows previewing your content on desktop and mobile only. In addition, Magento Page Builder does not support customizing responsive settings for its designs except for the Background Image option.

In contrast, Magezon Page Builder 3.0 is more flexible. Your content will be previewed on 5 devices: Desktop, Tablet Landscape, Tablet Portrait, Mobile Landscape & Mobile Portrait. Furthermore, you are able to adjust almost all settings for each device. You can also hide or show the desired element on each device.

For example, you can define a text element’s font as Open Sans and set its font size to 30px on the desktop. And for mobile devices, you choose the Times New Roman font for the text with the font size being 20px.

Workflow Optimization

If you are a busy shop owner, you probably want to save time and speed up the content building process. Then Magezon Page Builder 3.0 is for you.

In addition to the drag and drop feature like Magento Page Builder, it also provides many other features to optimize your workflow such as Right-click Controls, Multi-Select & Bulk Editing, Keyboard Shortcuts, etc. Thanks to these handy features, building your own content is easier and faster than ever.


As you probably know, Magento Page Builder is built into Magento and works as Magento’s default content creation tool.

On the other hand, you need to make a one-time payment of 169$ for Magezon Page Builder 3.0. It comes with free lifetime updates, 90 days of free support, and especially a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Other Features

In addition to all of the essential features that make a great page builder, Magento Page Builder and Magezon Page Builder 3.0 have their unique features that are worth quickly mentioning.

Magento Page Builder: extend existing content types, create new content types, and schedule design. 

Magezon Page Builder 3.0: Frontend Builder, Plugins, Product Tours, and Role Manager.

Magento Page Builder vs Magezon Page Builder 3.0: Which Should You Use?

After considering all the aforementioned factors, there is no exact and definite answer to this question. Instead, you should take into account various factors referring to your circumstances to select the best choice.

Magento Page Builder will be suitable when you want to create a simple page and don’t focus too much on design. Meanwhile, Magezon Page Builder will help you create pages from simple to professional.

If it’s too hard to choose which builder to use, you can combine them. Once you install Magezon Page Builder, Magezon Layout will appear in the Magento Page Builder content type list. When adding this content type to the Magento Page Builder workspace, you can create content by Magezon Page Builder 3.0.

Wrap Up

Magento Page Builder and Magezon Page Builder 3.0 are two separate builders with their own power. To choose between these two page builders, you need to clearly define your needs and goals and which one is more suitable for your business. However, if it is a difficult choice, you can combine them together harmoniously. I hope after reading this article, you will have the right choice for yourself. And do not forget to stay updated with the latest articles here.

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