Sunday , June 16 2024


Top 10+ Must-Have Magento 2 Instagram Feeds Extensions


Instagram has the potential to be the most important social media tool for your company. With 500+ million daily active users, Instagram elevates the importance of various social media networks. Because the number of clients and persons using smartphone devices to check the internet is increasing every day, Instagram is …

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Top 35+ Magento Restaurant Themes for Magento 2 Stores


If you need to create an eCommerce website for your café or restaurant, you should look at these 35+ Magento restaurant themes. These Magento themes are intended for online food businesses and include features such as parallax effects, video support, product sorting options, mega menus, support for different currencies and …

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7 Best Extensions for Magento 2 Sales Representative Management


If your Magento online store depends significantly on sales representatives, effectively managing many sales representatives will be vital to the success of its. Sending sales staff out to offer things without supervision is not a smart idea. Sales performance might fall without an executive team understanding why, and commission payments …

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[In-Depth Review] 5 Best Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extensions

Today, customer demands for online shopping are rapidly changing than ever before, while a number of competitors have popped up like mushrooms. To attract customers and make them not purchase elsewhere, you need to understand exactly what your customers want and then deliver personalized offerings. This helps to create a …

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