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Best Practices

20+ Best Practices to Create High-Converting Landing Page Forms


Source A landing page is an effective tool for small/medium enterprises, startups, or website owners in their online advertising campaigns. However, many landing forms fail to generate leads, as the average conversion rate across all industries is around 2%, while a better conversion rate can be as high as 11%. This …

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25 eCommerce Design Trends to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors in 2023


This year, 2023, many new eCommerce design trends will massively affect how businesses create their websites. Therefore, foreseeing and incorporating them immediately is necessary if you want to stay ahead of this game. In other words, businesses that can adapt and embrace the changes quicker will be the ones that can …

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How to Design Web Forms That Users Complete Without Hesitation

Design web forms that users complete without hesitation

As eCommerce store owners and web admins, you surely understand the importance of web forms in online interactions between you and your potential customers. Forms serve various different purposes  — helping customers make contact with you, submit RMA, review your products, or subscribe to newsletters. However, many users don’t actually …

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White Space in Web Design: Benefits, Best Practices, and Examples

White space in web design is more important than many people think. It’s a powerful creative element offering your website a harmonious, attractive, and practical layout. Today’s article will discuss the topic, provide some tips to apply it successfully, and give examples. Follow along! Create Your Unique Website on Magento Table …

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