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Shopify Frequently Bought Together: Boosting Sales Efficiently

In the competitive world of e-commerce, finding innovative ways to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction is essential. According to Statista, the number of online consumers is expected to reach 80.4% by 2025, this number shows that competition among e-commerce stores will become increasingly fierce in the future. Faced with these challenges, e-commerce businesses must prioritize strategies that boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

One of the effective strategies that has gained popularity is use “Frequently Bought Together” feature on Shopify. It not only helps you boost revenue but also enhances your customer shopping experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this tactic can help you maximize sales and provide a seamless shopping experience.

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What is Shopify Frequently Bought Together?

Frequently Bought Together, also known as Product Bundling, is built to group several items together and offer them as a cohesive package at a single price. 

This strategy allows you to present customers with a curated selection of products that complement each other, thereby boosting sales and enticing consumers to purchase additional items from your store. Additionally, this tactic also helps you maximize revenue potential and enhance customer shopping experience by promoting related products, complementary items, or exclusive deals.

what is shopify frequently bought together

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Benefits of Shopify Frequently Bought Together on Shopify

Frequently Bought Together is popular across different eCommerce stores that benefits both customers and store owners. Let’s explore further the advantages of this feature below:

Benefits of Shopify Frequently Bought Together

1. Boost Average Order Value

Frequently Bought Together is a great method to increase your average order value. By suggesting complementary products to customers, you can encourage them to add extra goods to their cart that they don’t intend to buy before.

2. Increase Sales of Complementary Products

Frequently Bought Together can also be used to showcase related products, it paves the way for effective upselling and cross-selling, directly impacting your revenue positively.

3. Create Many Special Offers

Another advantage of using Frequently Bought Together on Shopify is the ability to develop exclusive promotions for your customers. When a consumer purchases two items from the Frequently Bought Together section, you can offer a discount on the second item.

You can use Frequently Bought Together to promote related products effortlessly. This feature can also promote items similar to those of interest to your consumers. By utilizing the “frequently bought together” section, you can recommend alternate sizes or colors that may appeal to the buyer, especially if your product comes in various options.

3 Frequently Bought Together Examples

Frequently Bought Together usually is used in Shopify, Amazon, eBay, other marketplaces, or even brick-and-mortar stores (in an offline manner). Today, we focus on frequently bought together bundles on Shopify, which is done on the Shopify store and used as a selling method. 

Retailers can use different words to present these bundles such as Complete the look, Pair it with, or other ones. These all mean the same thing: the product you are about to buy may be compatible with other products, and this is supported by previous sales to buyers like you. 

Below are 3 frequently brought together examples in different contexts:

1. Pair Well With

pair well with

Skinfix is a Shopify store selling skin care products, creams, cleaners, etc. They provide suggestions to entice customers to buy extra items, which are usually bought and used with the products they intend to purchase.

2. Wear It With 

wear it with

Let’s take a look at this product from Laura Mercier – a Shopify cosmetic store. In the “Wear it with” section, they present some suitable items with the main product, thereby customers may add them to their basket and boost AOV significantly.

3. Frequently Bought Together

frequently bought together

Wayfair is a furniture store that provides a lot of products to your home. In the Frequently Bought Together area, they present items that clients may need to make their homes stand out and color harmony. You can see it in the picture below.

Optimize Impact of Frequently Bought Together

We all know that using Frequently Bought Together brings many benefits to retailers. So, how to optimize these benefits effectively? Don’t worry! We have compiled some tips to help you achieve that goal:

  • Track and analyze customer data to know their purchase behavior, thereby identifying popular product pairs for effective bundling.
  • Increase average order value and encourage larger purchases by grouping complementary items.
  • Write clear descriptions for products and promotions to communicate bundle benefits. 
  • Display “Frequently Bought Together” recommendations prominently across your store and emails.
  • Tailor recommendations to customer behavior for improved results.
  • Check and adjust recommendations using metrics like conversion rates and AOV.
  • Upsell relevant products by using “Frequently Bought Together” suggestions.
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Frequently Bought Together is a fantastic strategy to bring benefits to both retailers and consumers. For retailers, bundling products can increase sales and the average order value. On the other hand, consumers may find it convenient to discover additional items, and with discounts on bundles, they get a great deal.

We hope this article has helped you understand about frequently bought together feature on Shopify and its impact on the purchase process. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

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