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7 Tactics to Keep Your Revenue High After Christmas

When the bells at all churches jingle on Christmas eve, people set aside their concerns to gather around the Christmas trees, have feasts, give gifts, and raise glasses. However, these holidays are not bright and cheerful for everyone, particularly for eCommerce sellers. Because after Christmas sales events, they witness their …

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Ecommerce Preparation Checklist Before Christmas Sales Begins

Every holiday season, especially during the before-Christmas sales period, retail sales are usually driven up by a lot, primarily because people are getting Christmas gifts for friends and family. According to research, holiday retail sales in the United States alone surpassed $750 billion in 2020. This is setting a new …

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10+ Brilliant Christmas Marketing Ideas to Surpass Your Competitors

As the days begin to shorten and ‘sweater weather’ becomes more apparent, everyone seems to think at the same time, ‘wow, it’s that late in the year already?!’ and start planning their holiday buying. It’s no surprise; now is the optimum time to start thinking about your Christmas marketing strategy. …

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7 Things Customers Consider When Buying Something Online (And How to Put Them in Place)

If you’re an e-commerce website owner, you may already know that running an online store fundamentally differs from selling things offline. It requires persuading customers differently, and the customer expectations are also completely different from what they’re in an offline setting. Therefore, it’s important to know what people consider buying …

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Salesforce CRM Platform: An Ultimate Guide

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrates customer service operations, marketing, sales, and product support functions. The software helps companies manage customer relationships by providing real-time visibility across all business divisions. No matter how you slice it, CRM is a game-changer. It improves efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and delivering accurate customer …

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