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How Ajax Cart Works in Different Magento Product Types

Magento Product types | Cover

In general, the Magento platform supports 6 types of products. These are Simple, Groped, Configurable, Virtual, Bundle and Downloadable products. The below picture shows all 6 Magento product types that can be created from the backend.

But the main purpose of this article is to show you how our Magento 2 Ajax Cart works on them. Let’s dive in to see.

Magento product types | All product types
Magento product types | All product types

How Ajax Cart works with them?

1. Simple Products

Definition: Basically, a simple product is an item with a single SKU with a single SKU code only. This means it gets no variation. Otherwise, it can be used in association with other more sophisticated product.

How Ajax works on it: The image below is a typical example of a single one. Fusion Backpack: No choices for color or size. When you click on Add to cart button, just a popup like this appears to show you it was added. Besides, it shows related items to encourage your customers to buy more.

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Magento Product types| Simple

2. Configurable Products

Definition: As defined by Magento guide, this kind of product seems to contain single products. Or it may appear to be a single product with lists of options for each variation, each of them gets a separate SKU.

How Ajax works on it: We chose Radiant Tee as an example for this product. As clicking on the buying button, a popup will appear show of the variations. You must pick up options to go on the next step

Then you will go to another popup noticing you add the tee successfully.

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Magento product types | Configurable Product

3. Grouped Products

Definition: Standalone products but contain a group of different single ones. You can offer variations of a single product. The products can be purchased separately or as a group.

Magento product types | Grouped Product

How Ajax works on it: As shown in the above image, Yoga straps are grouped together with 3 sizes: 6, 8 and 10 ft. You can purchase them by the group, just enter the number of each item in the Qty box, or buy separately.

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4. Bundle Products

Definition: Bundle is the most complicated kind of product. A bundled product let your customers “build their own” from options of different product types. In other words, it’s exactly a group of relatively configurable products. Thus, you can also by them as a bundle or separately.

How it displays on Ajax: This Sprite Yoga Companion Kit is a typical example of this kind. To buy a bundle one, follow these easy steps:
– First, you have chosen the options inside each product

– Then, decide the quantity of them

– Last, click on the buying button. Get more details.

Magento product types | Bundle Product

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5. Virtual Products

Definition: Different from visible and physical products, Virtual Product is a type of service, membership, warranty or subscription. It does not require shippers or delivery

How Ajax works: To make the shopping process smooth and faster, Ajax cart also supports this type. The following picture shows you one of the Virtual Product which is a membership. Hence, you will buy the service, not any kind of visible things.

Magento product types | Virtual Product

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6. Downloadable Products

Definition: This product somehow is the same to the simple product. However, the main feature of it is that it can be downloaded. It can be a software, ebook, online news, magazine, etc. As a result, when buying this, your customers buy the right to download. Then, they can use the product.

How Ajax Cart works on it

If they have no custom option, you do it as simple ones.

Magento product types | Downloadable Product

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