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SEO – 4 Tips to boost your site’s rank on Google SERP ladder

To get good results in sales performance, besides having website well-designed, you should get a perfect marketing strategy. SEO is one of the vital parts. Hence, this article is about to give you some guides that can help.

1. The website’s speed is the vital key for SEO 

As you know, people in this fast-paced life hate waiting. If you are a small brand and need to do SEO to get more attraction. Thus, visitors can be transferred to paying customers, you need a fast loading online store. Hence, Improving website’s loading speed is absolutely what you must do first. Don’t hesitate to pay money to speed it up. Make a call to your coder/programmer or just take it easy by using our lazy load extension. Totally free to make a huge change for your site speed!

SEO - website's loading speed

2. Make sure that your site is fully responsive

You receive the traffic not only from the computer but from the mobile devices as well. If your site’s display not compatible with a mobile screen, there will be a big problem for your SEO. Thus, you will absolutely lose traffic from visitors who love surfing the internet through phones or tablets. Hence, make it 100% responsive will bring your site more traffic then you can imagine. As you know, make its display even better, set up your store as tidy as possible, using a right Magento menu with responsive layout. 

SEO - fully responsive

3. Publish your best content

Content quality is the best driver of your search engine rankings. Make sure your website’s content is helpful, brief and interesting. In addition, be sure that all the content are unique. Never copy 100% from any source. Thus, making a plan for your content writer is a good idea to improve your site ranking in SERP ladder and then enhance your sales performance

SEO - Content is king

4. Have a link-worthy site

Don’t try to put too many keywords for a short passage and make sure all the links relevant. Limit the “click here” links. Try writing out the name of the destination. “Click here” has no search engine value at all. Always use descriptive links by linking keywords. As a result, it will improve your SEO sharply. Furthermore, your site makes values to your readers, giving them something helpful. 

SEO - relevant link

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