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30+ Cool Business Ideas to Start in 2023

30+ cool business ideas to start in 2021

In modern society, entrepreneurship is getting more popular. SmallBizGenius has stated that there are 582 million entrepreneurs globally, and 62% of adults worldwide believe that entrepreneurship is a promising career. If you are self-motivated, independent, and want to become your boss, becoming an entrepreneur might be a suitable choice.

However, self-motivation and hard work are not enough to make a business successful. The world’s constant development requires business owners to be innovative to stand out. If you want to start your firm and don’t want to use traditional business ideas, but cannot think of any cool ones, today is your lucky day! This article will help you solve your problem by suggesting 31 cool business ideas that help you make money and some relevant tips to mitigate your work.

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is a unique idea in the list of business ideas since freelancers do not really start their businesses with employees but work primarily alone for different organizations. Freelancing is suitable for people with a passion or competencies in a specific niche but doesn’t want to work as employees for any particular company. It has been predicted that the number of freelancers will constantly increase, and in 2027, freelancers will make up 50.88% of the workforce in the US.

Freelancing has become one of the most successful business ideas. A capable freelancer can earn more than 70 thousand USD a year. Many people choose freelancers because of the advantage of the remote and flexible workplace and work time.

Some tips for freelancing beginners:

  • Instead of finding customers, concentrate on your personal branding, and customers will come to you.
  • Create your website and use it as your portfolio.
  • Utilize as many marketing channels as possible (social media, website, email, word of mouth, etc.) to reach customers.
  • Consider your skills, niche, and all the steps you need to take to become a freelancer.
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2. Book Publisher


According to Statista, in 2019, the book industry generated an annual net sales revenue of 25.93 billion USD, of which 12.32 billion USD was from e-books. If you have capable writing skills and have enough knowledge about a specific aspect, writing and publishing a book is also one of the cool business ideas for you to consider. The number of people choosing book publishing as a career has constantly been increasing in recent years. This figure raised from just nearly 500,000 in 2013 to about 1.7 million in 2018.

There are many reasons that book publishing is among the cool small business ideas. Much like freelancers, book writers also have the advantage of flexible workplaces and work time. They can also decide the topics, types, and length of their books by themselves. Publishing books is a perfect match for writers striving for independence and freedom in working. The current technological development has mitigated writers’ book publishing work. They can choose to publish either printed books or e-books on different platforms like Kinder.

Some tips for beginner book writers:

  • Besides quality, consistency in writing is the key to your readers’ loyalty
  • Decide your writing style, the message of your book, and stick with it throughout the book
  • Be aware of all the steps that need taking to publish a book

3. Full-Time Blogger


Another career in the list of cool business ideas is bloggers. Blogging has some similarities with book publishing. It’s suitable for you if you love writing and have things to share with your readers. The difference is that you will have to build an online platform for your blog and publish new articles regularly. Some people may not believe bloggers can earn money from writing things online, but the truth is pro bloggers can have an annual income of more than 100 thousand USD on average, and this figure of amateur bloggers is over 9000 USD. (from Blog Millionaire)

Being a blogger is, in fact, not an easy job. You have to have some knowledge about SEO and specific CMS platforms to create your blog. However, if you can make it, it is a pretty rewarding job. Being a blogger, you can be flexible about where, when, how, and even what you will do. Bloggers have a lot of freedom for themselves since they can write about whatever topics they want. No wonder why blogging is considered one of the cool business ideas.

Some tips for beginner bloggers:

  • High-quality articles are not enough to attract customers. Put effort into designing your website and make it compatible with your niche and concept.
  • Learn about your audiences as much as you can. It would help you create suitably appealing content for them.
  • See more tips to become a pro blogger here.

4. Social Media Influencer


Theoretically, social media influencers are people whose online presence and consumer behaviors greatly influence people’s behaviors. Not many people consider this influencer an actual profession, but it is one of the cool business ideas to start. Influencers usually have many followers and fans on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. From those followers, they can have a steady and significant monthly and annual income. According to a survey, influencers who have about 10k to 25k followers could earn up to 250 USD per post. This figure is based on different elements and could also be even higher if you have more followers or higher engagement rates.

Social media influencer is among the cool business ideas for a reason. It is suitable for people who dislike conventional office work. Successful influencers have their name and image widely known, which is many people’s dream. They also get a chance to build and connect with a community, from where they can be inspired and learn a lot.

Some tips for social media users wanting to become influencers:

  • Choosing the right niche and social media channels is vital.
  • Create a content strategy and stick with it to make your name reputable.

5. Youtuber/Vlogger


Youtuber, or youtube vlogger, is also one of the cool business ideas. This profession also involves making money from your followers, much like influencers. The difference is that they use Youtube as a central platform and communicate with their followers through video blogs, a.k.a vlogs. Youtube vloggers with an adequate number of followers and viewers can get paid from youtube for their videos. There are many success stories of Youtubers worldwide. PewDiePie, a globally famous Youtuber, is an ideal example with over 100 million followers and an income of over 13 million USD per year. This result does not come from luck but many years of hard work, and consistent and frequent video posting.

Despite being challenging and demanding, being a Youtuber is still among the non-traditional and cool business ideas. Famous and successful Youtubers can share their knowledge, experience with other people and learn new things from them. They also have a lot of fans who like them for them. All in all, if people can make it, this can be a fulfilling career.

Some tips for beginner Youtubers:

  • Research other successful vloggers and learn from them.
  • Be patient! It could take you months or years to start getting attention. 
  • Read more tips to start vlogging here.

6. Starting a Podcast


Podcasting is also on the list of creative business ideas. For those who are not familiar with this term, a podcast is a series of audio programs on a particular topic. It is like the radio programs back in the old days, but you can subscribe to podcast shows and listen to them with an app from your phone. Starting your podcast, you can share your knowledge on a specific topic to people and reach them even when they are on the move, like when driving or walking. If you are still unsure how you can earn money from an audio program, read this article about 11 ways to make money from podcasting.

Like social media influencers and YouTubers, podcasters can also connect with a community and meet other people. Still, podcasting can be way more cost-efficient than making videos. Listening to podcasts is also more convenient and time-saving for audiences than watching videos since they can do it mostly everywhere. There are many things you need to do and consider when starting your podcast, but it would be rewarding if you succeed.

Some tips for beginner podcasters:

  • Choose the suitable topics about which you have some knowledge.
  • Plan your episode carefully to keep your session on track.
  • Read this article about steps to start your podcast.

7. Airbnb Host


You have some spare rooms or a spare house; you don’t want them to go to waste, but finding a long-term renter is hard? Here’s a fantastic idea: put some decoration and furniture into those rooms and turn them into an Airbnb! If you like decorating home, meeting new people, making new friends, and the idea of letting strangers stay in your house (with a fee, of course) interests you, hosting an Airbnb is the perfect job for you. This is among the cool small business ideas and a promising career since tourists now tend to live in the local’s homestay rather than in hotels.

There are some reasons why Airbnb host is a cool businesses to start. For starters, opening a homestay is low-risk since it does not require a lot of investment cost. You only need to invest in furniture, decoration stuff, marketing, and the costliest property, a house or a room, is already yours. Technology development mitigates finding customers for your place. You can use several platforms to find and connect with your customers.

Some tips for opening an Airbnb:

  • Set up clear and thoughtful house rules to protect both your and your customers’ rights and benefits during their stay.
  • Browse other Airbnb in your area and learn from them, make yourself unique and outstanding.
  • Read more tips for new Airbnb hosts here.

8. App Builder


If you have some technology knowledge, building a mobile app is also one of the cool entrepreneur ideas. In this modernized society where the smartphone is a must-have item for almost everyone, the mobile app industry has more chance to grow. The worldwide mobile app revenue has constantly been increasing, and it was over 30 billion USD in the last three months of 2020. The annual income also makes app building a worth doing job. A recent statistic stated that the yearly salary of app developers in 2021 would be over 50 thousand USD in most countries and might reach 90 thousand USD in the US.

Building an app is challenging and requires a lot of knowledge and skills related to information technology, but it is also rewarding. Besides the remarkable income, app builders are usually people who live and work with their passion and interest, which is undoubtedly the best kind of work anyone can have. Furthermore, if your app gets more popular, you will earn more money and get recognized. As a result, app building is one of the cool business ideas that you can make money from.

Some tips for beginner app makers:

  • Do some market research first and make your app unique and different from your competitors’ ones.
  • Remember the marketing plan for your app. No matter how good and high-quality your app is, it cannot market itself. You have to do something to make more people aware of it.

9. eCommerce Seller


Online selling is one of the best business ideas to make money, and it has never been more appealing and promising. Thanks to the outbreak of technological devices, more people choose to shop online instead of offline because of the convenience and time-efficiency. There are many online shopping platforms that e-business owners can choose to launch their stores, such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc. More people use online shopping to avoid human contact during this pandemic time, which creates a massive opportunity for eCommerce sellers. A statistic from eCommerce guide revealed that the online shopping sales revenue in 2020 was over 4 trillion, which can also continue rising in the following years.

Online stores bring some benefits to both sellers and customers. Starting a digital business requires less investment than opening a physical one since you don’t have to spend money on premises rental and utility fees. As a result, it causes lower risks for online store owners. If you want to start an eCommerce business but don’t know what to sell, read this article about some cool online business ideas for some inspiration.

Some tips for new eCommerce sellers:

  • Do market research to come up with suitable products.
  • Don’t think that you don’t need a strategy when selling online. Create a thorough business and marketing plan.

10. Pet Sitting


Babysitting has been a common profession. Here’s another similar but unique business idea: pet sitting. A survey conducted by American Pet Products Association revealed that 84.9 million homes in the U.S own a pet, which accounts for 67% of U.S households. This creates a huge demand for pet sitting services from pet owners, especially when they have to go away on business trips or holidays. Opening pet hotels now can be very promising because of the high demand for them and because most pet owners are willing to spend money as long as their babies got to stay in a safe, caring, and loving place.

There are many reasons why pet sitting is among the cool startup ideas. If you are an animal lover, owning a pet hotel would be ideal for you since you will get chances to play with those furry friends all day long and make money from that. Another benefit is that this job does not require much start-up cost. You only need to find a premise, or it can also be your property, and invest in some pet supplies, such as cages, food bowls, bags, etc. As a result, a pet sitting business is only a low-risk one to start.

A tip for you if you want to open a pet hotel: be aware that only a love of animals is not enough to make it, research carefully about what pet sitters do before deciding if you are suitable for this job or not.

11. Voiceover Artist


Voiceover artists can provide their voice for use in different professional pieces, such as gaming, audiobooks, cartoons, movies, commercials, etc. Opening a voiceover company and being a voiceover artist are all pretty cool business ideas. As the living standard has been rising, the standard and investment costs for the entertainment products also increase. Therefore, the voiceover industry has observed a significant growth in demand. A voiceover worker can get paid at about 250 – 350 USD for a commercial and over 2000 USD for an audiobook. Even if you are a voice artist at the entry level, you can expect an income of over 18 thousand USD a year. You can read this article to find out more about how much do voice actors make.

Voiceover is a unique business idea for many reasons. You don’t need to invest much financially to work as a voiceover artist since you’ve already owned the most important and necessary asset, your voice. Being a voice actor also allows you to choose a suitable time and place to work to have a flexible lifestyle.

Some tips for beginner voiceover artists:

  • Your voice is very vulnerable, especially if you use it frequently for your work, so take very good care of it. Always keep in mind how important having a healthy and good voice is.
  • Read this article about tips to start voice acting.

12. Startup Naming


Inc. stated that a company’s name is crucial to its growth and perception since it can decide the business’ success or failure. The outgrowth of the number of new companies started requires a business to have some outstanding features to get recognized, and the name is one of them. That’s when one of the new cool business ideas appeared: startup naming service, which means that people who are about to establish a startup pay you some fee, and you will give their business a suitable and standing out from the crowd name.

Many people have been using this unique business idea to start their naming agency. Naming businesses is not an easy task since you have to consider different elements to develop a name that can guarantee the business’s success. However, if you can make it, it is also highly paid. For a name with the guaranteed result for a sole enterprise, your agency can earn about $1,500. This figure can also be higher for bigger companies. You can read this article to learn more about how much naming services cost.

13. Virtual Assistant


One of the cool home business ideas is to become a virtual assistant. If an assistant usually has to go to the office on time and assist with both physical and intellectual tasks, an online assistant can work from home and be flexible in the working place and time. Furthermore, all of their tasks would be intellectual and digital, such as contacting customers, conducting market research, etc., requiring more organizational skills than most physical tasks. The average salary for a virtual assistant is $16.08 per hour and $41k per year. These figures can also be higher if you have more experience, skills, and competencies.

There are many reasons why a virtual assistant is one of the cool online business ideas. Besides the good and worthy salary rate, this job allows you to work anywhere and at any time, as long as you can keep up with deadlines. Furthermore, when working for a business owner, you can learn a lot about businesses’ operations, which would be extremely helpful if you open your business someday.

Tips for beginner virtual assistants:

  • If you don’t have much experience, concentrate on personal branding and showing your competencies to gain clients’ trust.
  • Remember, your salary depends on your capacity and proficiency, so never stop learning and improving your skills and competencies.

14. Online Dating Consultant


Not many people think about dating consultants as a real profession that we can make money from. However, the truth is this is a real job, and also among the innovative business ideas. The world’s rapid development makes people busy and tied up with their work almost all the time, thus they don’t have much time to meet new people or go on dates. As a result, more dating apps and websites have been established with a vast number of users. People use online dating as a solution for their lack of time for dating and need online dating consultants to help them find a perfect mate, date, and get more attractive to people. The average annual salary of dating consultants can be over 80 thousand USD.

If you are the kind of person interested in helping people find love and have some dating experience, this job is perfect for you. You will work as an online wing(wo)man and help people navigate the complicated online dating world.

Some tips for beginner online dating consultants:

  • Be professional. Remember that this is a job and it is not just about romance or finding love. You need to use logical, critical thinking to analyze the situation and suggest the best solution for your clients.
  • If you want to open a company in this niche, read this article for the guide to start an online dating consulting business

15. Life Coach


Life coaching is also on the list of cool business ideas. A life coach, also known as a lifestyle guru, helps people in many aspects of their lives, such as relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. This concept is not familiar to many people, but it has observed increased demands in recent years. Modern and fast-developed society leads to a vast range of problems for people, both mental and physical, so they need a life coach to give them helpful advice to achieve greater fulfilment in their lives. An entry-level life coach can earn around $128 for a 1-hour coaching session and over $20k a year. These figures could be 4,5 times higher for more experienced coaches.

There are many reasons why life coaching is among the cool business ideas. Although becoming a life coach is not easy since you will have to have enough life experience, insights, and time learning like any other job, it is also a rewarding and fulfilling job.

Some tips for beginner life coach:

  • Choose your coaching niche wisely, do not try to be a know-it-all. Choose the aspect that you have knowledge and experience about the most to do your job with higher quality.
  • Spend some time developing your business to attract more customers.
  • Read this article about things to know about life coaching.

16. Home Decorator


As people’s living standard has been higher, they start to have a higher expectation for their houses than just a place to live. As a result, interior decorating became one of the hot and cool business ideas. Home decorators help their clients create decoration plans, choose elements and install decoration. If you are skilled enough, you can also get a good income. PayScale stated that the average hourly salary of interior decorators is around 24$, and the average annual salary is about $40k. These figures vary according to one’s skills, competencies, and qualifications.

House decorating is among the creative business ideas for a reason. For starters, if people want a house, they find an interior designer. Still, if they want a luxury, beautiful, vintage, or deluxe home, for example, they will find an interior decorator.  If you have creative and flexible thinking, a good eye, and a huge passion for arranging home furniture and choosing decoration stuff, this job is perfect for you. 

Some tips for beginner home decorators:

  • Consider carefully about qualifications. No degrees or diplomas are needed to work as a decorator, but a certificate or degree would significantly benefit you. 
  • Aesthetic skills are the critical factor that people usually use to find a decorator, so put effort into creating your portfolio to build trust with potential clients.

17. Party Planner


Party planning is another great one among the cool business ideas. This job is sometimes mistaken with even planning, but those two have some differences. Event planners usually take care of the formal events or conventions, while party planners organize fun parties like birthdays, weddings, new year’s parties, etc. However, both event and party planners need creativity and an eye on details to do their job well. If you find yourself full of creative business ideas, responsibility, and high adaptation and problem-solving skills, you are probably capable enough for this job. A party planner is usually paid worthily. Their average salary is around $24 per hour and over $50k per year.

The most exciting part of being a party planner is that you will have the chance to meet people and create memorable life events, making this job fulfilling and rewarding.

Things that need remembering and considering for beginner party planners:

  • Relevant degrees and diplomas are not a must but a plus. 
  • Not all working experiences are fun. Be prepared for unreasonable and unbearable customers.
  • Do your job as well as you can and try your best to make customers happy to promote yourself through word of mouth.
  • Read this article if you want to open a party planning business.

18. Professional Organizer


Professional organizing is another pretty cool and unique business idea. Professional organizers help their clients organize different spaces in their life, both physical, mental, and digital. Not many people consider this a serious profession, but many people need professional help organizing their lives, work, or houses. In this busy era, the demand for professional organizers has been increasing significantly. The average annual salary of an organizer is around $47k, according to Salary.com. If you have more experience, do an excellent for every single customer, and have a certificate for professional organizers, your yearly income could be even higher.

One of the reasons why professional organizing is among the non-traditional and cool business ideas is it is still very new, so not many people do it. As a result, every professional organizer has a huge advantage of not having too many competitors. Furthermore, the idea of helping people organize their lives or turn a complete mess into something more well-organized is very satisfying and fulfilling to some people.

Some tips for beginner professional organizers:

  • You don’t have to have a degree to start working, but after several years of working, consider getting the certification for professional organizer from BCPO (Board of Certification for Professional Organizers) to be more outstanding. 
  • Professional organizers do not have a big market, so utilize social media and relevant marketing channels to reach new customers.
  • Read this article for guides to become a professional organizer.

19. Food Truck


You’re a good cook, and you want to sell your food but cannot find a premise? You get bored with the traditional concept of a restaurant? Here’s one of the cool new business ideas: get a food truck and sell your food anywhere you like. A food truck, like its name, is a truck with food. You can either build an onboard kitchen or prepare food in a brick-and-mortar kitchen and just heat it up when customers come. This is not only a unique business idea but also a profitable one. If working well, most of the food trucks can generate annual sales revenue of $250k to $500k.

The most obvious benefit of selling food in a truck instead of in a restaurant is flexibility. Food truck owners can drive their vehicles and sell food everywhere they see suitable. Furthermore, the investment cost of food trucks is also lower than that of a restaurant since buying a vehicle is way more affordable than renting premises and paying all the utility fees.

Some tips for new food truck owners:

20. Antique Dealer


Antique dealing is a cool retail store idea, especially for those who have an interest in antique. An antiquarian buys and sells various antiques, such as jewellery, books, furniture, etc. They can sell antiques in retail stores, at auctions, individually, or on the internet. You can choose either to open your antique business or to be an antique dealer for a store. The antique industry has been observing an increase in demands in recent years. According to Statista, the sales revenue in the global online art and the antique market grew from 6 billion USD in 2019 to 12.4 billion USD in 2020. The average annual salary of an antique dealer can be around $45k.

One of the benefits of antique dealers is that they have a pretty big market. Furthermore, this job doesn’t require any qualification or certificates to do, you only need to have a good eye on valuable and aesthetic things, good selling and buying skills, and other business-related skills to do a good job at antique dealing. 

Some tips for beginner antique dealers:

21. Online Tutoring


You are passionate about teaching but don’t want to do the traditional class teaching job? You want to find a tutoring job but cannot see potential clients in your living area? Here’s one of the very cool business ideas that would be helpful for you: online tutoring. Thanks to technology development, people can do online tutoring through different platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. or sell their course on online course platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, etc. More interesting, tutoring online doesn’t make it less worthy. An online tutor can earn as high as a contact one. According to Zippia, an online tutor in the US can make around $31k per year.

Online tutoring is also one of the cool business ideas for students. They can tutor online as a part-time job and make some extra money while still in school. Like other tutoring and teaching, online tutoring is a fulfilling job since you get to help your students in different aspects. Furthermore, since it is online, you don’t have to spend time commuting from your place to work and vice versa, which saves you a surprisingly vast amount of time.

Some tips for beginner online tutors:

  • Choose the subjects and aspects that are your areas of expertise. Do not try to teach your students things that you are unsure about.
  • Read this article for a guide to become an online tutor.

22. Delivery Company Owner


Courier company is one of the cool company ideas that you can refer to if you’re thinking about starting your business. Technology development allows delivery companies to work in different ways. They can take customers’ orders through a platform, bring the ordered stuff to them, or receive products directly from the sellers and deliver them to customers. In modern society, the delivery industry has been observing an increase in demand. Many successful delivery companies, such as FedEx, DHL, Grab Food, etc., are the apparent evidence for the high demand of such industry. It’s also noticeable that the food industry is the delivery niche with the highest demand. According to Statista, the sales revenue of food delivery in the US is around 70 billion USD.

Although the delivery industry is highly competitive, it also has a vast market with many potential customers. In this pandemic time when people are hesitant to go out and have human contact, the need for delivery services is higher, so opening a courier company can be highly promising.

Some tips for beginner courier company owners:

  • Choose your niche and customer target group wisely. Do market research or customer surveys to find out customers’ demand if necessary.
  • Read this post for more detailed instruction on starting a delivery company.

23. CV Writer


CV (Curriculum Vitae) is an essential part of a job application. Many people have failed to get a high-quality job just because they don’t have a good enough CV. As society develops, the expectation for job candidates’ CV is also higher, thus one of the cool small business ideas appeared: professional CV writing. CV writers usually have experience in hiring or have formal training in CV writing. They help their clients make impressive, professional and aesthetic curriculum vitae. Although this profession sounds unfamiliar to many people, it is still a serious job with a considerable income. According to PayScale, a CV writer’s average salary is around $23.96 per hour and $37,500 per year.

If you are experienced in writing high-quality CV and understand HR’s mind and thinking, you can totally do a good job as a CV writer. Besides the worthy income, this job also comes with low investment cost. CV writers don’t need any advanced tools to do their job. All their need is a good computer, and some software to create and edit a CV.

Some tips for beginner CV writers:

  • No matter how good you are, always keep improving your writing skills.
  • Do careful research about the job before deciding to do it. Read this article for more instruction to become a CV writer.

24. Proofreader


Proofreaders are people who check their clients’ writing piece to make sure there are no grammar, spelling mistakes or typos. It sounds like the job of a teacher to a 6-year-old student learning to write, but it is, in fact, one of the pretty creative business ideas. As the number of writing contents, including books, e-books, blogs, landing page articles, etc., increases, the demand for proofreaders has been significantly higher. As unfamiliar as it sounds, proofreading is also a well-paid job. In the US, the average annual income of a proofreader is around $46k to $60k.

Proofreading is one of the cool business ideas, whether you open your proofreading business or work as a freelancer. The most obvious of working as a proofreader is that you need little to no investment cost. All you need is an eye on detail, meticulosity and excellent, enough-to-work English writing and reading skills. Furthermore, like other freelance jobs, you also have flexibility in working time and places.

Some tips for beginner proofreaders:

  • There is usually no requirement about qualification to work as a proofreader. Still, a degree in English or other writing-related degrees (e.g. journalism, literature) would be a huge plus, so consider getting one.
  • Read this article for more instruction to become a professional proofreader.

25. Travel Consultant


Travel consulting is one of the cool business ideas that appeared due to the growth of the tourism industry. A travel advisor assists their clients in doing travel research, choosing travel destinations, booking trips, creating the travel plan that fit their budget, etc. In this generation, when there are millions of options for travellers, inexperienced travellers can easily get scammed if they plan the tour by themselves. Therefore, many people would like to outsource this work to travel advisors, thus the increasing demand for travel consultants. Travel consulting is also a well-paid job. A travel consultant can earn over $40k per year.

Travel consulting is one of the cool online business ideas. You can do this job online from anywhere you like. Hence, it offers flexibility in time and place. Furthermore, even if you choose to become a sole travel consultant or start a travel consulting business, they all come with low investment costs since you don’t need any specific device to do this job.

Some tips for beginner travel consultants:

  • The world changes pretty fast, so never stop learning and updating the tourism industry to provide your clients with the newest, most updated information.
  • Read this article about how to become a travel consultant to get a deeper insight into this job.

26. Business Consultant


Starting a company is complicated work. Finance, legal documents, administration, promotions, and so on are only a few of the many items that company owners must understand and manage. As a result, one of the very cool business ideas was born: business consultancy. Business advisors are typically professionals who have prior expertise with various business fields, and their role is to provide their customers with the majority of the information they need. Business consulting is a demand yet rewarding job. Speaking solely of salary, an experienced business consultant can earn about $60k to $90k per year.

Business consulting is one of the cool online business ideas since you can work with your clients mainly through emails, texts, and calls, which allows you to choose the time and place to work freely. Furthermore, business consultants get to advise business owners on their company’s operation and likely contribute to its success.

Some tips for beginner business consultants:

  • Choose your niche wisely and never stop learning to provide your customers with the best, most up-to-date advice possible.
  • Make sure you have enough experience and knowledge before deciding to become a consultant for other business owners.
  • Read this article for more information about becoming a business consultant.

27. Personal Stylist


Personal styling is another good one on the list of cool small business ideas. It was a common belief that only celebrities or lazy and rich people need personal stylists. However, the truth is anyone can need a personal stylist, especially those whose appearance may affect their job’s efficiency. A personal stylist’s role is to educate people on colours, clothes, fashion styles, and, finally, what they should wear each season or for a specific event. Personal styling is also a well-paying profession. According to Glassdoor, a stylist’s average annual salary is around $34k.

If you are passionate about fashion, this job would be perfect and an ideal job for you since you can make money from your passion and interest. This job is one of the creative business ideas and way more interesting than other traditional office jobs. Furthermore, fashion styling is also a gratifying job. Stylists can take pride in their work when they see their customers feel good and confident about themselves, thanks to their fashion advice.

Some tips for beginner fashion stylists:

  • Expand your network. Build a wide customer base, connect with other designers and industry experts, attend as many fashion events as possible to reach more potential customers.
  • The world of fashion is constantly changing, so always stay up to date to avoid falling behind.

28. Nutritionist


Being a nutritionist is one of the very non-traditional and cool small business ideas. A nutritionist is a specialist in the area of food and diet. They work in various environments such as hospitals, cafeterias, nursing homes, or classrooms. In the busy modern society, many people have difficulty keeping a healthy and having enough nutrition diet. As a result, the demand for nutritionists has been increasing significantly lately. The role of a nutritionist is to help their clients develop a healthy nutritional meal plan to live healthier lives. According to salary.com, the average annual of a nutritionist can range from $53k to $75k, depending on several elements like qualification, area, experience, etc.

If you are interested in clean eating, healthy diets, and nutrition, being a nutritionist would be one of the cool business ideas you can consider. It is a demanding job since you have to learn a lot about nutrition and diet. Still, it’s also gratifying since you get to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some tips for the beginner or potential nutritionists:

  • Never stop learning. There are loads of information and knowledge about the nutrition world that you need to know to become a nutritionist. Furthermore, a good degree would also be a huge plus for you.
  • Read this article for more instruction to become a nutritionist.

29. Tattoo Artist


Tattoo creating is on the list of the most creative business ideas. A tattoo artist is a skilled artist who creates tattoos at the request of a customer. Many walk-in tattoo parlours have hundreds, or even thousands, pictures from which the customer can select. Nowadays, tattoos, which used to create some negative impressions for people seeing them, have been accepted more and even become a trend. Hence, tattoo artists become a popular and promising profession. History of Tattoos stated that there are over 20 thousand tattoo studios in the U.S alone. Highly skilled tattoo artists can make an average income of $29.65 per hour and over $61k per year, according to Zippia.

If you are passionate about designing and drawing tattoos, this can be a gratifying and exciting job for you to do. Furthermore, tattoo artists have a huge market due to the increase in the number of people getting tattoos. 

Some tips for beginner tattoo artists:

  • No degrees are required to work as a tattoo artist, but a degree in Art would be advantageous for you to reach for and build trust from your customers.
  • Put effort into building an impressive portfolio to show your best works to your customers.
  • Read this article for more tips to become a tattoo artists.

30. Dog Trainer


With the increasing number of people having dogs as pets, dog training is on the list of cool small business ideas. It is a profession that combines knowledge related to animal behaviour and hands-on coaching abilities. Dog trainers use several techniques, such as positive reinforcement, voice commands, etc., to adjust and improve the behaviours of the trained dogs. If you are interested in building a career in dog training, you can choose to start a dog training school or become a self-employed dog trainer. The average salary of a dog trainer is over $50 per hour and over $45k per year, which is a pretty good income.

Dog training is the perfect and ideal business idea for those who love dogs and animals in general. Although it is pretty commanding and dangerous sometimes, if you are genuinely passionate about dogs and improving their behaviours, you will feel fulfilled when being a dog trainer. A dog trainer can communicate and play with dogs and see those little furry friends get better in behaviour and nicer, which is a perfect experience.

Some tips for beginner dog trainers:

  • Get started on your dogs if possible to get yourself some experiences before working with other dogs.
  • Prepare for the fact that dog training can be hard sometimes and not always about playing and having fun with dogs.
  • Read this article for more information about how to become a dog trainer.

31. Transcription Service


Transcription service is another good one among the cool business ideas. Transcription is the process of listening to audio recordings and converting them into written text. This task requires high accuracy, a good eye for detail and excellent writing and listening skills. Nowadays, the transcription service is observing a rise in demand due to the establishment of many businesses. Being a freelance transcriptionist and opening a transcription business are both promising ways to start making money from transcription. The annual salary of a transcriptionist can be around $36,400. Read this article for more information about transcriptionist’s salary.

There are many reasons why transcription service is one of the cool online business ideas. It is an attractive, non-traditional profession that offers workers flexibility in time and place. You can do this from anywhere, at any time you like. Besides the good income, transcribing also allows people to learn a lot from their job and from the audio file they have to transcribe. Although this job is quite demanding, it is also a pretty rewarding job.

Some tips for beginner transcriptionists:

  • Consider getting a certificate related to transcription. It is not a must, but still would be a huge plus for you when applying for transcription jobs.
  • Pay attention to the necessary equipment to work as a transcriptionist. Find here the list of equipment for transcriptionists.


Starting a business requires a lot of effort and time. These 31 cool business ideas would save you from the idea-generating phase. Consider carefully and choose the idea that suits you the most.

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