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4 tips to attract more customers on Valentine’s day

Valentine is the time for people to express their love or strengthen their relationships. Thus, they tend to spend more time and money shopping for a special gift. This year, it’s not an exception. As that special day is coming around the corner, why not brainstorming a marketing plan to boost your sales? Check out the following 4 tips that maybe useful your online store.


1. Draw customers’ attention right at the first sight

Customers have a tendency to be attracted by colorful things. Therefore, the quickest way to draw attention from them is to add product labels that make your products more attractive. It not only helps stand out your featured products among all the products in the store but among numerous from rivals also.

Product Labels

Take advantage of numbers, messages, suitable call-to-action texts like “Hot”, “New”, “Sell Off”, etc. Thus, you can increase the conversion rate as well as boost sales of the store. For instance, add a “70% off” label on every souvenir or chocolate bar, etc in your shop can absolutely attract a large number of potential customers looking for a Valentine gift.

2. Set the marketing strategy as soon as possible

It is one of the most important things you should do at first. Don’t wait until the exact Valentine’s day to start your campaign. You will probably miss a lot of opportunities from customers preparing for their beloved person. Since most people want to get well-prepared for this special occasion, they will search and purchase the things even 2 or 3 days sooner.


Besides, the weekend also counts. People tend to be so busy on weekdays, they get more time off on Saturday and Sunday. Hence, this is the best time for shopping. While making a marketing strategy for this ocassion, don’t miss this time to make the best and boost your sales.

3. Take advantage of auto email notification

Try to get a detailed marketing plan with attractive promotions. Spread them to as many consumers as possible. There are some ways to get customers’ notice about your promotional program. However, the most common way used recently is email marketing. This way, you can reach potential customers individually and remind them of the upcoming shopping season.


The question here is: How to manage the email notification effectively?
Don’t worry, our Auto email notification feature from Blue Form Builder can help! Whenever a form is submitted, Blue Form Builder will notify you and your customers via email. This ensures you to respond quickly to customers.

4. Use your social network rationally

It is undeniable that e-commerce today can’t grow without the help of mobile devices. Thus, social networking sites have been increasingly popular among people. Take advantage of these social networking sites. Invest in advertisements on these sites to reach more potential customers.

Be sure you know about the social tool before paying money on any social advertising. You should calculate the result of each network then decide which one is most suitable and bring you most benefit. Though you should try to broaden your network, don’t pay too much for the site with less effective results.

Social network

For example, Facebook is considered the best social site for e-commerce. Millions of people shopping and purchasing here. It’s worth investing some money. However, if you are selling something like technology or science for the target customers in Europe or American, the best social tools now are Twitter and Instagram as the people in that area tend to prefer these tools.

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