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Top 7 Promotion Banner extensions for Magento 2

top 7 promotion banner extensions for magento 2

Promotion Banner is a great way to grab your customers’ attention on your marketing campaigns. But a common question of many website owners is: how to make an effective promotion banner with less cost and time. The answer is Magento 2 Promotion Banner extension. In this post, we have made a list of Top 7 Promotion Banner extensions for Magento 2. Now, let’s dive in to see.

What is the Promotion Banner extension for Magento 2?

Promotion banner is a cost-effective way to advertise or attract attention. It can be used advertise a sale, event or for branding purposes.

Magento 2 Promotion Banners extension allows you to place stunning banners everywhere, on every page on your site. What is more, thanks to flexible settings, one can easily customize banners' design with stunning effects.

Here is a list of best Promotion Banner extensions for Magento 2

We provide a list of the most popular Promotion Banner extensions for Magento 2 in the global market. These items below are reviewed by Magezon team. We hope that this article will provide insightful information to you.

Magento vendor Name Highlight features Description  Price  Action

Magezon logo



Promotion Banner for Magento 2 - Create catchy notification banners with a flexible extension
- Decide conditions for which page to display promotion banners
- Set where promotion banners can appear
- Keep track of Banner Performance
- Fully responsive banners
- Design Close button
- Backend preview
Promotion Banner for Magento 2 is a powerful tool that helps you create catchy notification banners for your website. It is easy to control promotion banners as well as where and when to display them. Beautiful and efficient banners can attract customers with special offers, discounts, deals to trigger purchases, and increase average order value. $169 More details

Magekey logo


Promotion Banner - Assemble banners into a group
- Create and assign banners to a group
- Set up the date and the time for displaying banner
- Create a promotion block over a banner
The extension creates notification promotion banners on any page with one or more Banners to attract customers. This module allows to display every Banner at a specified date and time. In addition, thanks to flexible module conditions, the admin can upload images or add promotion block over the banner. $25 More details

Belvg logo


  - Special offers block on all pages
- Fifteen different themes which suit almost every common holiday
- Easy to add promoted products
- Up to three products on the banner
- Easy to specify banner position
- Easy installation and configuration.


Promotional Banner extension is a simple and easy-to-setup extension, which allows you to display a banner that hovers over your store page on a holiday (nine major holidays are built-in). You only need to choose the right theme for the upcoming event, specify the position of the banner you want to promote according to a festival.
$0.00 More details

Arrowhitech logo


Promo Banners by Arrowhitech - Upload beautiful images for banner
- Add text to the banner (HTML code is accepted)
- Choose position of text to show off
- Add button and link to banner
- Choose mouse-over effects on banner
- Add custom class to banner
- Admin are checked live preview while changing the content of banner
- Display banners anywhere at frontend
The Promotion Banners extension allows you to place banners everywhere, on every page on your site. It also helps admin add the content text to the banner, add a link to the banner, adjust the position of the text, and depending on your wish.  $69

 More details

Amasty logo


Promo Banners for Magento 2 - Available on the cart, category and product pages
- Flexible conditions to manage banners display
- Customizable and mobile-friendly design
- Decide a position on the page for each promo banner
- Display banners based on product attributes
Display cool promo banners on corresponding store pages to let customers be aware of all hot deals and specials you offer. Draw visitors' attention to feature products to boost purchases and reach more an average order value. $169 More details

Mageplaza logo


Promo Banner for Magento 2 - 6 display styles of promotion banners
- Configure action schedule for Promo Banners
- Easily custom banner dimensions
- Attach conditions to promo banners
- There are 3 methods to insert promo banner anywhere: Selection, Widget, Snippet
- Attach redirection URL
- Auto close and auto reopen
Magento 2 Promo Banner decorates store sites with promotion and notification banners with various styles, especially slider and pop-up. Promo Banner supports your online store to attract customers and notify them about any store updates such as offers, discounts, upcoming events and latest news effectively.  $99 More details

Landofcoder logo


Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension - Show off multiple promo bars on pages
- Create unlimited promotion & notification bars
- Target banners to proper customer groups & store views
- Set schedule duration to auto-close & auto-reopen promo bars
- Edit promotion banners & get live preview immediately
- Automatically display promo bars by cart conditions
- Build promotion bar to gain the best performance
Magento 2 promotion bar extension allows merchants to create unlimited promo bars or notification bars and display them on different positions of any page. Promotion banners notify customers of outstanding news, events such as special promotion campaigns, discounts, the latest news, etc. With small sticky bars, store owners easily draw attention from online visitors and convert them to be loyal customers. $89 More details



Above are the top Magento 2 Promotion Banner extensions we would like to recommend for you to help your online stores attract customers’ attention and boost e-commerce business. Each extension has its key features and different prices, even for free. Hope you can choose the product that is suitable for you!

We also have other extensions that can help you enhance your marketing strategy such as Popup Builder. If you want to know more information, do not hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us.

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