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Magezon & Webiators Partnership Announcement

magezon & webiators partnership

We’re glad to announce our official partnership with Webiators, a web development company known for its Magento 2 services and extensions for eCommerce stores worldwide.

Catering to the same market niche, we have decided to team up instead of competing to make higher quality solutions and services available to eCommerce users in general and Magento ones in particular. With this new partnership, our common mission is to share opportunities, together thrive, and generate way more value to our customers.

Introducing Webiators

introducing webiators

Started its journey in 2017 in India, Webiators has helped Magento merchants to grow further and engage with their customers with its extensions & services. From website development service to Magento 2 extension development, Magento migration, upgrade to marketing, and SEO, they aid their clients in accelerating their business efficiency.

They work in various technologies like Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Magento 2 extensions from Webiators can:

  • Improve user experience
  • Broaden functionality
  • Enhance backend efficiency
  • Reach wider
  • Increase visibility
Webiators eCommerce services
Webiators’ eCommerce services

About Magezon

Magezon has been one of the trusted Magento 2 extension providers in Vietnam since 2018. Its goal is to provide Magento users with extensions of fast, efficiency and safe code as well as timely support. 

Magezon is well-known for its Magento 2 Builder extensions.

magezon partnership with webiators
Magezon is glad to enter a partnership with Webiators.

Builder extensions by Magezon

The Builder extensions by Magezon, including but not limited to Page Builder, Blue Form Builder, Ninja Menus, are the best sellers of the company and are helping many Magento store owners in building their websites. 

Besides being developed based on one library called Magezon Core Builder, these extensions are comprised of elements and configurations that are specific to each one as well.

That is to say, Magento users can save lots of time in learning to use Magezon extensions. Getting familiar with one extension using Core Builder means you are able to use the others. Also, it’s easier for Magezon developers to update, maintain their extensions, and support their customers.

Featured Builder extensions by Magezon
Featured Builder extensions by Magezon

With this collection of Builder extensions, you can easily:

  • Add/ Edit /Duplicate/ Replace /Remove elements
  • Resize/ Rearrange elements
  • Create multiple columns
  • Manage editing history
  • View the layout in a simplified version
  • Clear all created content quickly
  • Preview on different devices
  • Add custom CSS

Magezon is expected to release version 2 of Page Builder extension. Stay tuned!

Why choose Magezon?

It might be a merit for Magezon to not be the early birds in the market niche. This is because they can selectively adopt the most innovative technologies from the pioneers and develop powerful tools for their customers to build and optimize their ecommerce stores. Besides, these are what customers get when downloading any extension from Magezon:

  • 3 months of free support
  • 30 days of money back
  • Free lifetime updates

Connect with us

Magezon: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Youtube

Webiators: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube | Twitter

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