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How to Create Photo Gallery Online Using Magento 2 Image Gallery


We all know that Magento is a powerful and customized platform. It provides users with all basic needed features to build an e-commerce store, but it doesn’t mean that Magento doesn’t have any disadvantages, one of which is the default gallery.

Considering this case, we’ve developed a flexible and smart tool named Magento 2 Image Gallery to help users upgrade it better. In this article, let us introduce a detailed instruction on how to create a photo gallery online using this tool.

What is a photo gallery? A photo gallery includes various albums with different subjects. It means that a gallery is created when you have one or more albums.

So, which benefits can you get from it?

In fact, the visual element, especially the image is one of the most vital aspects for the success of a store online presence. Having an eye-catching and professional product images gallery is the first step to boost sales for your store as customers can know exactly which kind of products you are selling and visualize the details of products.

Besides, a photo gallery is a useful way to help store owners easily manage tons of product images by logic structure layout.

Not only for admins, galleries also bring lots of benefits to your customers. First, it allows them to see several product images clearly at once without accessing each product page. Furthermore, your customers will have a better shopping experience because of the fully responsive photo gallery online. It works well with any kind of screen.

The default gallery in Magento only allows store owners to display product images in separate product pages and categories without any effect. This may make customers find bored and be limited when searching certain product images. 

With Magento 2 Image Gallery, you are able to add unlimited product images and display them in the gallery with some attractive effects supported.

The gallery created by Magento 2 Image Gallery will look like this: 

a photo gallery online
Photo Gallery by Magento 2 Image Gallery

This gallery contains multiple albums with different topics such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. We’ll show you how to create a Puma album in this post.

No more waiting, let’s see how it works!

Step 1: Create a new album

From the Magento dashboard, navigate to Magezon >> Albums. Then click on Add New Album button.

add new album

Step 2: Configure new album information

1. Configure general information

After completing the step 1, first, configure general information for the new album.

configure general information

The general information of album includes:

  • Enable Album: Turn on button to enable the photo album.
  • Album Title: Enter a name for the album.
  • URL Key: Specify URL for the album page.
  • Description: Write a specific description for the album. It can be about features of product, colors, materials, or design.

2. Group the album by suitable category and tag

Next, group the album by relevant category and tag to easily manage it when you own plenty of albums in the future.

assign album to relevant category and tag

In case you can’t find your desired category and tag, click on the New Category or New Tag button to create new ones. 

In this example, we’ll go to create a new category because we can’t find the one we want. If you also want to do, follow the image below:

create new category

Here is the result on the frontend:

album general information

Step 3: Upload images

Span the Images And Videos section and upload your product images into the album

Magento 2 Image Gallery provides users with 3 ways to apply when adding images:

  • Browse to find and add images from computer.
  • Drag and drop images from computer directly.
  • Select images from the gallery that you have created.
add images

What’s more, this extension is very flexible, it allows you to upload multiple images at once without time-consuming.

Once you have finished this task, click on each image to edit its information in detail as the example below:

image detail

The Image Details section contains the following fields:

  • Image Size
  • Image Solution
  • Title: Set a title for the image.
  • Role: Hit this option to set the image as the thumbnail of the album.
  • Hide from Album Page: Tick it if you don’t want to show the image on the album page.

And here is the result we get:

image detail on the frontend

Step 4: Configure Display Settings

Scroll down and open the Display Settings section. It plays an important role in making your photo gallery more attractive and lively.

This section includes the following fields:

  • Store View: Choose a specific store view to display the album.
  • Lightbox: Choose fancybox effect, light effect, or magnific popup effect to display each image on the frontend.  
  • Type: Set display type of image in the album to Grid type or Masonry type.
  • Number Column: Set maximum number of columns in each page of the album page. The value ranges from 1 to 6. If you leave it bank, the value will be set as 4 columns.
configure display settings

Let’s see the result:

photo gallery in grid type and has 4 columns

Fancybox effect:

fancybox effect

Step 5: Set page layout for album page

Next, set page layout for the album page in the Design Settings section. The Page Layout field includes 4 options, select the your most suitable one:

  • Empty
  • 1 column
  • 2 columns with left bar
  • 2 columns with right bar
  • 3 columns
set page layout

Step 6: Optimize SEO

Magento 2 Image Gallery also allows you to optimize SEO for your website. In the Search Engine Optimization section, specify meta tags for the album page to make SEO work effectively. 

optimize seo

Step 7: Place album on relevant product page

This step is not required when creating an album. Its main function is to place albums on the relevant product pages. If you see your album related to any product in the store, you can set conditions to show it on the relevant product page.

In this example, we want to show the album on the training product pages, so we set a condition as the image below:

set conditions

After setting the conditions, press the Preview Products button to view the product you have chosen above.

preview products

We’ll get this result:

place photo album on the product page

It’s done!

Once you’ve completed creating the album, it will be automatically displayed in the gallery.


We’ve walked through a step-by-step guide on how to create a photo gallery online with Magento 2 Image Gallery. It is a must-have tool to make your store online more aesthetic and visually appealing. This extension also allows you to create product video album.

Hope this tutorial is helpful for you! Contact us if you face any problem when creating a gallery.

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