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100+ Ridiculously Weird Websites. But Not All of Them Are Pointless

When stressed, exhausted, or bored, weird things could be the most effective therapy. And it isn’t hard to find weirdness: on Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and even some weird websites. Some sites could be weird enough that you’ll wonder who would put their money and time into making such things. Despite being strange, their websites could appeal to many audiences. You might like the design or be turned off by the concept or idea they follow. Let’s take a look at the weird websites list in 2021.

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Zombo is one of the weirdest websites on the internet. It is nothing but an English voice that tells you all about Zombo: “Welcome to Zombocom. This is Zombocom; anything is possible at Zombocom. You can do anything at Zombo; the only limit is yourself.” 


2. The finger, deal with it.

This site keeps giving you the middle finger. Don’t try to move the cursor away and close the tab because the website will flip you the bird any time. It is a weird useless website.



What can cats do? Bouncing, why not? Cat Bounce is a bizarre website dedicated to bouncing cats. It also allows you to pass cats around the screen, getting them to bounce all over the place. The site will cheer you up if you’re having a bad day. 


4. Staggering Beauty

This bizarre site is full of surprises. When you move your mouse cursor from side to side, it’s soothing and relaxing. To get the surprise, simply move the cursor a little faster. If you’re doing this at work, ensure the volume is turned down first.


5. Pointer Pointer

This website’s first page will astound you. In reality, it could frighten you a little. It’s as easy as loading the page and moving your mouse pointer. It will display a picture of a person pointing at it anywhere you switch the pointer. 


6. Is it Christmas? 

You won’t need your calendar to know that today isn’t Christmas because this weird useless website will inform you. It only has one function: it tells you whether it is Christmas or not. Bookmark this website if you want to check back every day for the rest of the year.

7. Eel slap!

Do you like it when people get slapped across the face? If that’s the case, this website is ideal for you. This weird, fun website allows you to punch someone in the face with an eel. Simply move your mouse around the screen. It’s surprisingly satisfying.



If you have to say no, make sure it’s not a simple no. If you still need to say no in a more dramatic Darth Vader speech, keep this bizarre site in mind. You will experience an unfathomable sense of calm when you press the blue button.


9. Paper Toilet

Have you ever seen Toilet Paper on a website, only a Paper Roll? If not, this weird website is for you. We can find a plain toilet paper roll on this website. You can roll and pull it around as much as you like. It’s also very relaxing and has become one of some odd websites on the internet. 


This is a pointless website. It is so useless and wastes your time. You will keep being redirected once you click on the link. And to be honest, this would be annoying if it weren’t so amusing.


11.Falling Falling

The website comprises a single page with a series of shapes “falling” into one another in an infinite loop. The figures are brightly colored and scurry, fooling your eyes while accompanied by strangely hypnotic music. Falling Falling is one of the weirdest websites on the internet.


12. Patience is a virtue | Welcome

Patience is a virtue is one of those random weird websites to test your patience. You may also wager whether your friends are angry or nervous to determine the ultimate attribute, Patience. Simply go there and see for yourself that patience is a virtue. Stand by, please. 


13. The Long Doge Challenge

This site challenges your patience. It is about a very long dog, and it will never end. Don’t try to scroll when you open this website; and it’s only a waste of your time. It is one of the weirdest websites on the internet. 


14. Every day I’m

This website will be listed if there are some fun websites to send to your friends. Please visit this website. Place your mouse cursor over the website’s title, leave it at that and enjoy the beat. It is hilarious and useless, for your information.


15. :: procrastinator::

Procrastinator is one of the weird sites to visit. Pick up an animated gif video here and add an exciting song from YouTube to it to entertain yourself. There are several types of cat videos, such as motionless, bored, and active. It will go with different kinds of music, such as techno mix, jazz, and disco.

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16. What’s Going On?

Are you ready to spend 2 minutes of your life watching a yellow-haired man with a weird outfit perform a song? If the answer is “Yes”, click the link and enjoy! It’s a lot of fun to listen to the whole music and figure out what’s happening. This is one of the weirdest websites.


17. Internet Live Stats 

Apart from the oddities, this is a fantastic website. It displays multiple live counters of current Internet statistics, including the global number of Internet users, unlimited websites, emails received, and more. However, the precision of these figures is questionable. 


18. Please Like

The founder of Please Like seems like a Facebook lover. The only thing he/she wants is to press the like button when we click on this site. Like, unlike, if you want and nothing else. It is such a weird and useless site. The weirdest websites list should have this pointless website.



Do you wanna bet? Load this website and place a bet about the dog you think is the winner. These are some of the strangest websites that aren’t so interactive; OMFGDOGS is one of them. However, many animated cute dogs racing in the same direction will draw your attention.


20. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

You must do nothing for two minutes after clicking on this site, as its name suggests. You’ll fail if you move the cursor and have to start over. 

If you want to relax and waste time, go to Do Nothing for 2 Minutes and watch the clock tick away.


21. Falling Guy

You’ll not save a guy. You let him fall. 

Let’s see how many meters you let him fall. Are you at the top of the game?

This website is one of the weirdest websites ever. 


22. corn dog on corn dog

Corn dog on corn dog is a genuinely weird website featuring a photo of two corndogs on a plate. A small amount of mayonnaise is included with the two corndogs. There’s also some annoying but amusing background music on the site. If you’re hungry, don’t try to open it.



CORGI ORGY is a website full of cute Corgis. They are running this way with a happy sound in the background. This site is based on a real Corgi named abbazabacannoli on Instagram. Open it and have some happy moments with lovely Corgis.


24.Pet the dog

This cute dog is waiting for petting. Let’s visit Pet the dog and keep an eye on a dog who was swinging when you pet him. Maybe you will worry that the dog will be stunned. So let’s pet him so slowly and gently. The weirdest websites list should include this site.


25. Bury Me With My Money

A man will fall from the sky as soon as you open the site. He will say, “Bury me with my money” after touching the ground, and the process will be repeated many times. It can be pretty strange and frightening at times. It is one of the weird creepy websites on the internet.


26. Move Now Think Later

When you visit this website, you will feel like you are playing chess. But you don’t have to consider every move because the site’s name is Move Now Think Later.

Another odd website to be listed on the weird websites list. 


27. The Most Seconds

Let’s see how long you can stay on this site: one second, two seconds, or 1000 seconds.

Do you believe that the total number of people who visited this website spent 14,638,713,385 seconds on it? And for your information, 14,638,713,385 seconds are redeemable as 464 years 69 days 23 hours 3 minutes 42 seconds. It is such a pointless website.



By far, this is one of the weirdest websites on the internet. It is strange, from its name to the content display. It’s as if an alien devised the language for humans to discover. When you visit this place, you will undoubtedly be confused. Give it a shot.


29. Awkward Family Photos

Do you want to see other family photos? This site, one of the weirdest websites, will be the best way for you. Awkward Family Photos is a website that compiles real-life family photos into memes. Those photos are as awkward and strange as they could be. And the majority of their content is contributed by their members. Photos will then be uploaded to the website.


30. Pug in a Rug

This 3D dog will make you dizzy. Click on the site and honor the pug. And you will become a Sage of pug. Does it sound interesting? Let’s give it a shot, even though you have no intention of benefiting from this strange website.


31. Dotcom 

You could be very confused once you open this web for the first time. When you visit the site, you see a single sentence that says, “Add parameter to the URL.” That is all. There are no other sub-links or topics on Dotcom. It only has the verdict and a white background to offer. 


32. Can’t Not Tweet This

You Can’t Not Tweet This, according to this website. And you have to share the content on Twitter using this site. For your information, you can’t escape from the tweet button. This site is so weird that we can put it on weird useless websites.



Would you like to see it raining? But it is raining corn dogs. Surprisingly, this corndog will also work well as a website backdrop. Try not to get carried away by the lovely corndog animation. And don’t try to open it if you are hungry.


34. Do Not Click Here

As we told you, you shouldn’t click on this site. You just clicked, didn’t you? But don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes. Please return calmly. 

Are you confused?? Yes, you have to be. You’ll find out why if you go to the web.


35. Random colour

As the website name, Random Color will give us some random colors when we click on the web. Nothing but the colors we still see in the palette. Don’t believe it; just check it yourself. This website should be listed on the list of weird useless websites


36. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

Have you ever heard about the Large Hadron Collider? For your information, it is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. And this website was created just to show us that the Large Hadron Collider hasn’t destroyed the world. Thank God!



This website is definitely for someone who loves sea dogs. 


38. Sometimes Red, Sometimes Blue 

You can only figure out this website’s content by looking at its name. When you refresh the tab, it turns red sometimes and blue other times. It isn’t so funny but worth trying. We wonder if your first time is red or blue. The list of weird, fun websites should have it.


39.Badger Badger Badger

Badger Badger Badger is a website with a video that is animated in Flash. Over an electronic song, the video features pictures of smiling badgers. Along with the video, a voice repeats the word “badger” for three measures and changes “mushroom” in the fourth. Keep your eyes on this pointless website, and you will be surprised at the end. 


40.Bees Bees Bees

It’s OK to build a bizarre website for the people you love. However, there are moments when it becomes strange, such as on this website. Oprah Winfrey is a well-known actress who is adored by millions of people. But after visiting this website, you’ll never look at her the same way again. It gives her an unsettling appearance.



This is one of some weird sites to look up. It shows the battle of pixels. As you knew, Pixels are the building blocks of the internet. Pixels make up every website and picture you see. So don’t be surprised if you see a war between some of those pixels.


42. Endless Horse

This is one of the weirdest websites ever. Don’t waste your time on this pointless website because you can take an hour to scroll. If you believe there is something out there for you to discover, just keep scrolling, and you’re in for a surprise.


43.Smash The Walls

Smash the Walls is one of the weirdest websites ever. If there’s one thing we’ve discovered so far, it’s that walls on the website are bad. All you must do when visit this site is destroy walls. With just one click, you can tear it down and ruin it. 


44.Republic of Mango

The founder of this website seems to be fascinated with mangoes. As a result, he decided to create his own Republic of Mango. When you go to the pointless website, you’ll see a halo of light around the mango, and that’s all.

This is one of the other weird sites to look up


45.Chris McKenzie

This website has a cute box that is smiling. The box will look at you from any angle if you switch the cursor. And don’t try to leave the site, because the parcel will be unfortunate. Just look at its expression; you will be melted right away. This site is so weird and deserves to become one of the weirdest websites ever.



Rrrgggbbb is one of the weird sites to visit. In case you forget, this site shows you the three primary colours of this model: Red, Green, and Blue. And you can create your tune with this site. When you hover your mouse over each letter, a different sound is played, making a unique sound. 



This website has two noticeable things: a muscular arm and a man who tries to do something. Oh, you have no idea what he’s trying to do because everything is hazy. A voice will say something like Ninja Flex when you shift the cursor to the man or the arm.

We don’t know what this site’s intention is.


48.Is My Computer On

Is My Computer On” is one of some other weird sites to visit. This pointless website will inform you that your computer is on. Such a piece of helpful information! Can I see your site if my computer is turned off? No, thanks.


49.Yes No If

Let’s draw your 3D picture by visiting this site. You don’t need the paintbrush, or a palette of colour, even the talent. All you need is to move the cursor anywhere you like. 

You may become dizzy due to the effects of this site, so don’t try to stay there for a long time. 


50.Much better than this

Oh well, you will be surprised once you visit this site for the first time. Then you’ll either feel jealous or want to find your love right away. That is the impression we get from this website. When you open it, you’ll see why.


51.Nulling the Void

“If a void is made up of nothingness, then a void is made up of something.” the introduction of this site is hard to understand, the same as this site’s content. The only thing you can see when you visit this site is a lot of things falling out. If you want to know the reason for its existence,  visit the “About” section on the left side.


52.Always judge a book by its cover

This site, “Always judge a book by its cover” is about ridiculous books, which are precisely what the title implies. It even has a link to buy the book on Amazon. When you visit this site, you will wonder why this book was published—one of some weird useless websites on the internet.


53.The chillest of monkeys

Have you ever seen a monkey who appears to be relaxing? This site will help you.

When you enter this website, you can see the most chill monkey. Click on the website, let the song play, and chill with the monkey. The chillest of monkeys is one of the other random weird websites to visit. 



Wutdafuk is one of the weirdest websites on the internet. When you visit the website, the glowing colored WTF moves around on the screen. It’s amusing, but it’s also offensive. If you want to tease friends or express the feeling of surprise, send this site to them.


55.Unicode Snowman for You

Besides other random weird websites, this site is adorable. If you want to build a snowman, but the weather is too hot, Unicode Snowman for You will send you one. This website is quite essential, but it is a good option for anyone who enjoys snowmen but cannot have one in real life.


56.Potato or Tomato

You have to choose between Potato or Tomato once you visit this site. You should also be cautious because you can select the incorrect answer at any time. So be patient and think about the best solution. When you are right, you’d be surprised by how many have guessed wrong!



I’m sure you’ll never be bored like the site’s creator. Because if you click the link, a line of BORING will appear from above, never-ending. BORING BORING BORING worth listing on the weird websites list


58.Existential Crisis

The term “existential crisis” refers to feelings of dissatisfaction with life’s meaning, choices, and freedom. When you click on this site, you will be very upset and felt lonely. So please consider before visiting Existential Crisis.


59.One Million LOLs

One Million LOLs is waiting for you. Use this pointless website when everything seems to be a joke. Use this site whenever you come across something amusing. Use this site to express yourself when you have something to say. And it is suitable for any situation.


60.Blank Windows

This website has created a blank-windows-only website called Blank Windows. By clicking on one of the window’s corners, users can drag and rearrange the windows. And you can resize them as well.


61.Rock-Paper-Scissors Game 

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game is one of some other weird sites to visit and is a funny website. It reminds you of a childhood game, and it is elementary to play and easy to win. Choose rock, paper, or scissors to start playing right now. 



This site should be added to other weird places to visit. Once you’ve arrived, all you have to do now is sit and wait for the Chihuahua to spin around. That is all there is to it.


63.Build Shruggie 

Do you know this emoji? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

When you visit this site, all you must do is paint Shrug emoji. And it is so cute, isn’t it? 


64. There is nothing here 

As the title of this site says, there is nothing here.  It only has two creepy blue feet. I am sure it is not worth visiting. The color of this site is so scary and it should be listed on some weird creepy websites. 


65.The Pigeon

The Pigeon is waiting for you to visit. This site is so useless and weird. When you click on the link, the screen will show a picture of a pigeon. And that’s all.


66. Not Day of the Week

Not Day of the Week is another strange and useless website that will tell you that Monday is not Thursday and Friday is not Tuesday. That sort of thing.


The weird fun websites

67.Random Things to Do

If you are bored, visit Random Things to Do and do some random things as the site suggests. This site is full of story ideas and funny videos. You could also brush up on some animal facts that are 100 percent accurate. Otherwise, you have the option of doing nothing.


68.Hacker Typer

How to become a hacker? This weird but cool website will help you. The only thing you have to do is open Hacker Typer and type anything you want. Let’s open it and pretend to be a hacker, as you’ve always wished to be, or just to fool someone.


69.Trash Loop

This website is a weird fun website. Putting the trash in the trash can is all you have to do when you open the Trash Loop. However, it is not as simple as it appears. If you ever find yourself with a lot of free time on the internet, give it a shot.



Zoomquilt is a lovely animated website. It keeps zooming in on an optical illusion that looks like a drawing. It’s lovely to look at. But in reality, you might find it difficult to look away once you access these odd websites on the internet. 


71.Quick, Draw!

To discuss some weird fun websites, Quick, Draw! should be on the list. This website is about a game where you’re given a silly term, such as egg. After that, you have to draw it as quickly as possible. When you pull the objects, the network makes educated assumptions about their shapes and patterns. And you should make sure the machine will understand what you are drawing. 



As its name, Neverthink, this website will show you many memes and videos that you haven’t seen anywhere, even on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. All of your stress will disappear when you spend your time scrolling this site. This site should be listed on the list of weird fun websites.


73.Mondrian And Me

Mondrian and me is a new site to add to the strangest websites collection. Piet Mondrian’s marvellous painting inspired this site. Just click on the link and tap around to make your piece of art. Perhaps you’ll discover your secret talent if you do it right now? 



It’s a fun and geeky website that transports you to the old time. The inventor purchased many iconic and humorous symbols and reshaped names, and much more. With icons like the garbage can, pixel editor, and game emulators, you can go deep into the old Windows system. Those random weird websites such as WINDOWS93 are amusing. 


75.Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Do you wanna send something to your enemies? This site will help you with a lot of stuff like “The Glitter Bomb”, “Text Bomb”… This is one of some weird shopping sites that confused us so much. Is it a real business or simply a trick? Try to find the answer yourself.


76.Texter – Draw with Words

Texter encourages us to be more creative. This website, in addition to fulfilling the time-wasting activity of visiting pointless, strange websites.

It starts with a completely blank white page. Watch the page fill up with streams of words as you click and drag your mouse. You can also change the text’s colors and font.


77.Little Alchemy

To talk about some random weird websites that can fulfil your dream, Little Alchemy should be listed. This site helps you become an alchemist without risking your life, friends’ lives, or home. You can experiment with different combinations on the site to see what happens, unlocking new ingredients as you go. The site is highly addictive, and it can easily keep you occupied for several hours. 



Essaytyper is the website of every college student’s dreams. Simply type whatever you want, and the essay will be created. But don’t use it without checking carefully.


79.Koalas to the Max 

Koalas to the Max is a website for Koalas fans. This website will only display a wide circle in the centre of the screen. You have to use the cursor over the circle, and it will dissolve into four smaller circles. After a while, the circles will shape a high-resolution portrait of a koala bear. A list of weirdest websites ever should have this site.


80.Click To Remove 

As its name, Click To Remove is a site that you can remove all the things which appeared on the page. Simply move the cursor over the letter and wait for it to disappear little by little. Then click anywhere until you’re left with only a black space. That’s all. Is it weird enough to add to the strangest websites list? 


81.Fidget Spinner

It is a simple website that allows you to reduce your stress. There will be a fun, colourful fidget spinner, and you should swing it extremely hard while counting your spins. You can play it whenever you want, and your old reels will remain. That is why Fidget Spinner should be listed on funny websites to send to your friends.


82.You are in a forest 

You are in a forest. And you have to choose “left” or “right”. Be wise and choose carefully if you want to escape from this dark, bushy, and scary forest.


83.You’re Getting Old!

Oh no! That’s you who are getting old. Me too. This site is for you to check how old you are and give a warning that: “You’re getting old.” This web makes us feel so broken. 

If you want to tease a friend, send them this link and shed tears together.


84.This is sand

Visitors to this site will be able to use digital sand to draw digital photos. The procedure is simple and relaxing. It’s an excellent way for many people to relieve stress for a few minutes.

You’ll probably wonder why anyone would bother with it at first. However, once you get started, it can be difficult to stop!


85.Bored? Press the Bored Button!

This is one of the strangest websites on the internet. Bored Button is a pointless internet website with a large red button on its homepage. When the user clicks at random, a new page is generated and opened to brighten the user’s mood. It displays fancy card tricks, follow-along riddles, and much more for the user to see.


86.Partridge Gets Lucky

This guy reminds you of yourself. Do you sing and dance joyfully every time you get lucky? This site makes us very happy, even if Partridge is the lucky one, not us.

Please give it a thumbs up or post it on Twitter if you enjoyed it. Maybe the others will get happy when they see Partridge Gets Lucky as well.


87.Jackson pollock

You only have a white page when you first visit this site. But when you move the cursor, so surprise, the cursor will become a pen. 

Jackson pollock allows you to draw everything you want. Let’s use your imagination and draw something creative!


88.Drawing Garden 

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a farmer? If yes, this site is for you.

Drawing Garden will give you a garden in which you can plant a variety of plants such as carrots, strawberries, mushrooms, and so on. Let’s make your dream of being a farmer a possibility.


89.Something Nothing

Open this site and wait for the door opens. Then, using the cursor to zoom in, you will see some weird people dancing. With the background music, it is so funny and relaxing. You can hear the sound on Spotify as well.


90.The Zen Zone

Among some weird sites to visit, this site is so helpful. It brings you three funny games to waste your time. In case you are bored, visit The Zen Zone and find some happiness. 


91.Lacquer Lacquer

Are you a nail enthusiast? Or you just want to practice painting some nails before starting your own. Let’s get into this site and get to work. It’s a beautiful feeling to finish your first project. And you shouldn’t give up after the first try because there are so many different shapes to choose from.


Weird but useful website

92.Will Robots Take My Job?

As artificial intelligence improves, some jobs will become outdated. If you are worried about your future, this website will help you. Click on this website, enter your work, and wait for the percentage of robots that can take over your job to appear. But don’t worry, it is for reference only.


93.The magic button — Make Everything OK

Don’t you wish there was a magic button you could press to make all your problems disappear? You’ve discovered it. All will be fine if you press this magical button. This is one of the weird but cool websites that make you feel happy all day.

The magic button — Make Everything OK

94.The Useless Web

It’s also an excellent place to find some weird websites. All you have to do is go to the website and type in the following text: “Take me to a pointless website”. After that, press the pink “Please” button. Prepare to discover the strangest websites that are a complete waste of time.


95.Scale of the Universe 2

Scale of the Universe 2 is one of some weird fun websites. This website is an excellent resource for size comparisons and illustrations. You can compare the sizes of anything in the universe here, such as an inch ruler versus a basketball!


96.Weird or Confusing

If you want to buy something peculiar, this site is absolutely for you. When you click on this site, press the “Please” button, and this site will show a lot of weird stuff. If the product isn’t weird enough, just come back and choose again. It is one of the weirdest websites on the internet.


97.I am awesome

Have you ever had someone tell you that you’re amazing? This website, if not, will.

I am awesome is a website that can make your day better. If you don’t believe in yourself and are feeling down, go to this website and let it tell you that you are amazing.



Among some weird useless websites on the internet, Cleverbot is a bit interesting. Cleverbot interacts with humans using an artificial intelligence algorithm. (Source: Wikipedia) Simply start talking with the app, and you will be astounded by the app’s responses. You won’t get bored talking with him for hours on end.


99.Is It Normal?

As the name suggests, the website enables users to ask other users questions about their situations. It runs in a forum format. You can find a lot of weird questions on this site. But “Is it Normal” will solve all of the users’ problems. That makes the website intriguing to visit.


100.Down for Everyone or Just Me

This website allows users to double-check their issues with a random website. It will tell you whether your devices are down only for you or if it is a global problem. Until now, this website has helped us solve a lot of problems.


Have you ever wondered why your wallet is always empty? ThisIsWhyImBroke will answer your question. The site shows you some websites that sell weird stuff. When you click on the link, you will realize no products on the market that an average person would not use. 



That’s all the websites I’d like to recommend to you. So weird but so fascinating. I hope you can find some happiness by visiting those websites.

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