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Best Salesforce Use Cases When Integrated Into Magento 2


Magento is a popular e-commerce platform, while Salesforce is the most widely-used CRM service for both small and large businesses. So, what do you get when you combine two industrial behemoths? The answer is an all-in-one tool for increasing revenue and providing superior customer service. And these Salesforce use cases are here to prove how useful the integration can be.

This combination can help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re searching for world-class integrations, fixing a technical challenge, or simply assessing your options.

Magento provides comprehensive capabilities and a high level of customization to e-commerce businesses. The platform has the ability to handle high traffic levels. It can also leverage large amounts of data in order to provide excellent customer service while keeping sales going. However, Magento lacks built-in functionality for creating individual client profiles, complex segmentation, or full marketing campaigns. That’s where Salesforce, one of the most convenient third-party extensions comes in. It can assist organizations in managing their consumers more effectively and personally. The Magento Salesforce Integration makes for some really interesting use cases.

Benefits of Magento and Salesforce integration

The eCommerce industry is gaining a lot of traction these days. Furthermore, despite buying online for critical supplies, consumers have few to no choices due to the current pandemic crisis.

Ecommerce marketers nowadays strive to personalize ads for customers based on their interests and purchasing habits. However, it is difficult to track down each and every consumer in order to generate personalized promotions for them. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, a full-featured marketing platform that enhances how businesses engage with clients, is here to help. From gathering and analyzing client data to automating targeted promotions and reviewing results, the system provides a toolkit that covers every step of the marketing process. Magento and Salesforce integration works wonders for businesses. It allows them to better understand their customers and provide customized products and better customer care.

3rd party extensions with magento 2 salesforce integration
Salesforce use cases

Let’s have a look at these best Salesforce use cases when integrated into Magento 2. I’m sure you can learn something from them.

The Salesforce use case of Cabinets.com

In the first installment of the best Salesforce use cases, Cabinets.com, a team of kitchen designers and customer care professionals that make buying kitchen cabinets online easy as pie, required a way to connect its Magento e-commerce platform to its Salesforce CRM, and PowerSync delivered a more complex solution than envisaged.

1. The Problem

Many people are unsure where to begin when it comes to purchasing cabinets. As a result, Cabinets.com allows website visitors to submit a design request and work with a cabinet designer for free.

Cabinets.com wanted a solution that could simplify the process effectively and reliably because it is such an important part of the project pipeline.

Before using PowerSync, the procedure was as follows:

– A customer visits Cabinets.com

– The customer submits a design request 

– Each customer gets a designer, assigned mannually.

– Salesforce adds customer mannually as a “Lead”.

– As sub-pages of the project, the designer develops several quotes in Magento.

– The consumer receives a quote.

– Salesforce enters quotes by hand.

– As the deal advances, Salesforce update Accepted Quotes.

User error and poor data quality were continuing concerns due to the precise nature of the task and the constant requirement for hands-on administration. Rather than being nice to have, automating the flow of data across this process became a need.

2. The Solution

Unlike other Salesforce use cases study, Shawn Abramson, who works as a Magento architect at MRM, one of the world’s largest Magento firms, was given the task of solving the problem. Initially, the only choice he has was a custom solution. Then he came across TechNWeb’s PowerSync Connector, but he wasn’t sure if it could meet and handle the Cabinets.com project’s requirements. After all, the quoting process was far more complicated than a typical CMS could handle.

In order to start the process of solving the problem, Abramson set up a meeting with Igor Krasnykh, the CEO of PowerSync. They worked together to do a detailed needs analysis to see if the Magento-Salesforce interface would be a good fit for their objectives. Krasnykh verified his understanding by creating architectural schematics that pleased Abramson. After a few meetings, Abramson realized that PowerSync’s solution made more sense than starting from scratch.

“It just appeared to make sense to go with the solution that’s already there, that’s already out there in the market, and for which we wouldn’t be responsible for all the upgrades,” Abramson explained.

Abramson was able to add custom logic to the existing framework that incorporated extra flows because PowerSync’s extension is well-architected and scalable. He went on to say that while many third-party extensions underperform, PowerSync is an exception.

“Most of them values quantity over quality,” he explained, “so it doesn’t matter if it affects your performance. They add a feature that introduces bugs in another area.”

3. Outcomes

–  Many hours of manual data entry were eliminated.

– Being able to deliver a better customer experience

– Errors caused by humans, such as mismatched data and typos, are eliminated

4. The client’s thoughts

According to Abramson, since Cabinets.com started using PowerSync’s integration, things have turn “swimmingly, gloriously well.” He claimed that the extension provided more code skill than he had anticipated.

“I would say there was a lot right from a code standpoint,” Abramson added. “I think the significant use of virtual types to reduce code redundancy, as well as the method you handle Salesforce IDs, was fantastic.”

Abramson was happy with PowerSync’s customer service in addition to the quality of the equipment.

“You were always very responsive and helpful in assisting us in achieving our final goal. It was an enjoyable experience, “Abramson explained.

In one word, Abramson describes his experience with PowerSync as “Quality,” because they program the integration to best practices, it works effectively, and PowerSync programmed it thoroughly, which makes it one of the successful Salesforce use cases.

The Salesforce use case of Relyco

In the second part of the best Salesforce use cases study, the client was assisted in migrating their Salesforce integration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, overcoming numerous integration issues along the way.

1. The Problem

Relyco, a special type of paper supplier, has used PowerSync’s flagship Salesforce and Magento 1 interface for numerous years. The Magento 1 platform’s end of life in mid-2020 forced them to transition to the Magento 2 platform. Relyco was uncertain about how to carry out this difficult project while maintaining the degree of reliability that PowerSync has provided over the years.

Relyco engaged another Magento consulting firm to help with the migration because they only knew TechNWeb for their PowerSync connectivity between Magento and Salesforce. After six months of working together. Relyco’s VP of Operations, Douglas MacGregor, said the company had come up with a viable answer.

2. The Solution

MacGregor contacted PowerSync in search of a truly credible solution. Within a few weeks, PowerSync and Relyco had a working integration thanks to Slack‘s real-time collaboration. “I believe it might be annoying when working with other people and you’re waiting days for a response,” MacGregor said. “With PowerSync, we never had that — it was more like hours.”

What makes PowerSync distinct, according to MacGregor, is that the company actually knows Magento and Salesforce.

“There are a lot of eCommerce professionals who understand Salesforce to some extent,” MacGregor added. “They claim to be able to accomplish that, but that’s not going to be the case if you don’t understand the intricacies of both systems, which I believe PowerSync does. That, I believe, is the key factor that made it so important – you were familiar with both systems.”

In the time of working on the Magento 2 + Salesforce integration, CEO of PowerSync, Igor Krasnykh had the opportunity to assist in the identification of bonus functionalities that would cover a wider range of Salesforce use cases and fill in more gaps, especially in the context of doing business online as a B2B merchant.

3. Outcomes

Krasnykh was able to identify unique loopholes inside the B2B extension that Relyco may exploit thanks to his extensive knowledge of Magento and Salesforce. “I felt like the other firms we talked to kind of got what was going on, but they didn’t have any experience on how to configure this B2B [component], and I felt like you guys were really on top of it,” MacGregor said.

For Relyco, PowerSync created a Company Address Book functionality. The address book in Magento is built specifically for B2C use cases allocated to the customer. Each customer in a B2B scenario has their own address book, which presents many issues.

4. The client’s thoughts

Relyco contacted PowerSync and they started talking, and it was then that Relyco realized PowerSync actually knows what you’re talking about when it comes to Salesforce and Magento. And it was a no-brainer for Relyco to recommend that they use them to connect Magento and Salesforce at that time.

The other driving force behind Magento 2 was the need to exploit the B2B feature, which is, of course, new. Relyco is a B2B company, so they wanted to take use of it. Relyco’s CEO felt like the other organizations they spoke with had a general understanding of what was going on, but they lacked knowledge in how to configure this B2B, and he felt like PowerSync was on top of it.

Among the Salesforce use cases, this case was quite beneficial for Relyco to have PowerSync there, who already knew what he was talking about and what he needed. And PowerSync is already familiar with Salesforce. That is the secret to success. There are a lot of eCommerce people who have a basic understanding of Salesforce. They claim to be able to do it, but if you don’t understand the intricacies of both systems, which he believes PowerSync does… Relyco’s CEO firmly believes that having familiarity in both systems is the key to success.

The Salesforce use case of FirstBook

In another customer success Salesforce use cases study, after assisting FirstBook in syncing thousands of records between Magento and Salesforce, we assisted them in migrating to Magento 2.

1. The Problem

FirstBook began giving books and educational tools to children in low-income neighborhoods about three decades ago. Every year, the non-profit organization reaches an average of 5 million youngsters. FirstBook required a dependable mechanism to sync data between its e-commerce platform and CRM system because its network was growing by 1,000 members per week.

“As an organization, we rely significantly on Magento to help us accomplish our purpose of giving books to underserved children,” stated Katherine Dean, FirstBook’s IT Director. “Salesforce served as our CRM application as well. We needed the two of them to be able to communicate with one another.”

PowerSync’s Magento + Salesforce interface was discovered by FirstBook in 2017. Since then, they haven’t looked back. PowerSync CEO Igor Krasnykh was “extremely straightforward and honest,” according to Dean, when demonstrating how the connection works out of the box and outlining the additional adjustments that would be required to fulfill their demands.

2. The Solution

PowerSync/TechNWeb built their solutions to scale with the organization as it achieves its full market potential. The PowerSync software’s dependability ensures the TechNWeb team’s credibility, and Blue Fish Group rely on long, healthy, and productive partnerships with their partners.

As a result, when FirstBook changed its e-commerce platform in 2020, the Salesforce integration was upgraded to the Magento 2 version of PowerSync. Krasnykh and his colleagues also assist with the organization’s M1-M2 migration.

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Consistency, dependability, and clarity are among the traits that have kept FirstBook doing business with PowerSync, as they do with many other PowerSync customers.

3. Outcomes

Dean claims that PowerSync has continuously offered rapid and dependable service when a need arises throughout the years. FirstBook can additionally evaluate data and pivot rapidly because of PowerSync’s Magento + Salesforce interface.

4. The client’s thoughts

“We’re always able to get prompt, accurate replies in the timeframes we require for our business.”

FirstBook is a charitable organization. They rely significantly on Magento to assist us fulfill our aim of giving books to underprivileged children.

Salesforce was also our primary CRM application. They needed the two of them to be able to communicate with one another. PowerSync was able to bring all of the data from our e-commerce system to our CRM system, according to our analysis.

So, probably one of the best things about working with PowerSync is that there’s always been a steady supply of subject matter experts, not only from the Magento side, but also from the Salesforce side, and that they’re able to reach out and get the help and support that we need to keep us up and running.

The best part is that there has never been a low moment or a slump. They can always get timely answers – the appropriate ones — in the time range we require for our business.

The Salesforce use case of Protect Your Boundaries

customer success case studies

In this next Salesforce use case, PYB was able to increase its bottom line while reducing the burden on their development staff by partnering with an external vendor.

1. The Problem

The advantages of syncing Magento and Salesforce are being realized by businesses all around the world. Protect Your Boundaries (PYB), a Canadian group, is one of them . PYB advises homeowners, realtors, and land experts with land and border issues.

Protect Your Boundaries’ leaders, like many other business executives, are great admirers of Salesforce CRM. PYB needed a solution to sync data between the two systems because they run their business on the Magento eCommerce platform. It was vital to be able to see real-time dashboards and insights regarding Magento customer data and orders in Salesforce.

PYB considered constructing an in-house integration to connect the two systems at first. They planned the procedure, taking into account the amount of time it would take to develop as well as the inevitable quality phase spent ironing out the kinks.

“We were projecting a minimum of 40 hours simply to get a version out the door.” Protect Your Boundaries spokesperson Jeff Denham said, “There’s no chance it would have worked the way we needed it to work in the first 40 hours.”

2. The Solution

According to Denham, PowerSync’s solution saves the organization 10 hours of manual data entry each week, or 480 hours per year. It also allows them to earn significantly more money.

“The skill of our sales team, particularly our CEO, who has a lot of post-sale personal contacts with our customers. His ability to perform [a follow-up] the same day, often within an hour, has undoubtedly resulted in tens of thousands of dollars per year “Denham said.

While there are alternative Magento-Salesforce connectors available, Protect Your Boundaries was finally sold due to their trust in the PowerSync brand.

 “Of course, there are other tools that will link into Salesforce and then perform stuff from Magento,” Denham said, “but there isn’t that feeling of confidence there.” “I suppose part of it is that your brand and product just feel trustworthy and nice to me.”

3. Outcomes

– Magento and Salesforce have synchronized thousands of records.

– Without the need for human data entry, it was possible for centralized reporting.

– Annually, the system saves about 480 hours of duplicated manual data entry

– Rapid opportunity follow-up and a significantly higher response rate

– Thousands of dollars in more revenue each year

4. The client’s thoughts

“(Protect Your Boundaries’) CEO is completely in love with Salesforce. It was critical that all of the data from the online store end up in Salesforce so that he could build dashboards, reports, and other reports. We estimated that getting a version out the door would take at least 40 hours. There’s no chance it would have worked the way we needed it to work in the first 40 hours.

Their sales team, notably our CEO, who is creating a lot of personal ties with our clients post-sale… his ability to do that the same day, sometimes within an hour — a follow-up, a “hey thanks for buying” — has converted into tens of thousands of dollars a year.

The Salesforce use case of Texas Supplements

With the final Salesforce use case, Blue Fish Group chose PowerSync, a TechNWeb subsidiary when they needed a powerful subscription management solution for their customer, Texas Supplements.

1. The Problem

Subscriptions are nearly ubiquitous in the health and wellness industry, especially when it comes to personal nutrition and supplements. Because good customer treatment necessitates constant replenishment, the ability to “set it and forget it” is significantly beneficial to customers.

Blue Fish Group believed PowerSync’s mPower solution for Magento would not let them down when they were faced with finding a powerful subscription management platform for their client, Texas Supplements.

“We began discussing subscription alternatives with Texas Supplements. We had tried a few other solutions on the market over the years, but none of them had been really satisfying, “Blue Fish Group’s solution architect, Terence McDevitt, agreed.

He claimed that other solutions lacked functionality or support. He came upon a demo for PowerSync’s mPower Subscription Management Solution for Magento not long after. McDevitt thought he’d found something remarkable when CEO Igor Krasnykh brought him through the mPower demo, which showed variable subscription periods, customer-led account management, and billing automation (including error automation).

2. The Solution

The solution provided by PowerSync mPower is built, supported, and architected by a corporation that uses the product. As a result, it includes a variety of features that have been thoughtfully designed to support all types of businesses, including specialist sectors.

“When we performed our study, we were angry and upset with the solutions we discovered in the industry and on the market,” Krasnykh said of the motivation behind mPower. “They didn’t cover some of the use cases we needed, had faulty code, lacked functionality, and (were unavailable) to provide support. So, to cut a long tale short, we created our own.”

mPower additionally provides an unrivaled user experience by considering both the merchant and the customer’s needs to provide the greatest experience for both. mPower allows merchants to modify and customise the product according to their preferences. Customers will not be confused by the functionality when it comes to make a purchase. Customers can also manage and alter their subscriptions without having to go through the purchasing procedure again.

3. Outcomes

“I knew straight away that was the type of stuff we were looking for,” McDevitt said. “From the demo, I could tell that the features and goods were very similar to what our client needed. When we compared the many options available, I mean, yours definitely stood out in terms of the investment required.”

 McDevitt was especially impressed with the PowerSync team’s response, a sentiment shared by his Blue Fish Group colleague Zeke Woollett, a senior product manager.

“It feels more like a relationship than merely transactional in nature,” Woollett remarked. “That’s the way I’d put it. Your aim isn’t to get us off the phone as soon as possible; instead, it’s to fix the problem.”

TXS (Texas Supplements), a Blue Fish Group client, can now modify and customise the goods to their preference. Meanwhile, customers can maintain and alter their subscriptions without having to go through the entire purchase process again.

4. The client’s thoughts

We had dealt with a few different solutions out in the market place over the years when we started talking to Texas Supplements about subscription alternatives, and none of them had been particularly good. They were either lacking in functionality or support, and I understood right away when I saw that video where you demoed the grocery store subscriptions… “Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing we want to do,” I said.

I could tell from the demo that the features and goods were very similar to what our clients were looking for. When we compared the many options available, I mean, yours really stood out in terms of the investment necessary.

Your responsiveness has been outstanding, and I believe we could not have asked for anything more.

It feels more like a relationship than solely transactional in nature, in my opinion. That’s the way I’d put it. Your aim isn’t to get us off the phone as soon as possible; instead, it’s to fix the problem.


Salesforce is a great tool for building long-term client relationships, executing clever marketing initiatives, and standing out with exceptional customer service. It significantly alters the way merchants connect with customers by centralizing detailed business information and providing a wide range of benefits.

Salesforce CRM integration is a must-have for middle-size and large organizations with a large customer base and a desire to provide a superior customer experience by keeping all processes organized and in one place.

So now is the moment to act. You should get up and employ a top Salesforce development business or a leading Magento integration services provider with a team of skilled CRM specialists with years of expertise. With a team like this, you can construct the necessary solutions for your eCommerce platform to produce the desired results like the aforementioned Salesforce use cases.

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