Thursday , June 20 2024

How to Create a Landing Page in Magento 2 (Detailed Guide)

How to create a landing page in Magento using Magento 2 Page Builder Magento has a robust functionality called Page Builder. The Commerce Edition (Version 2.3.1) has featured this functionality since 2018.  Meanwhile, until August 2021, Page Builder has been available in Magento Open Source (Version 2.4.3).  With Page Builder, …

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All About Magento Content Management: Benefits, Types & Guide


It’s no secret that “Content is King” in marketing. However, in the B2B eCommerce arena, content marketing may be very beneficial. Content marketing is the solution to humanize your business and foster loyalty among your target demographic and consumers. A strong content marketing plan will assist you in generating traffic, …

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Top 10+ Must-Have Magento 2 Instagram Feeds Extensions


Instagram has the potential to be the most important social media tool for your company. With 500+ million daily active users, Instagram elevates the importance of various social media networks. Because the number of clients and persons using smartphone devices to check the internet is increasing every day, Instagram is …

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Magento 2 Image Optimization: Best Practices for 2022


Image optimization has to be your priority when it is about boosting Magento 2 conversion rate. Otherwise, your online store will encounter reduced site traffic and page loading speed. Therefore, image optimization is a must.  It will make your customers satisfied and give them the best shopping experience. In this …

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7 Tactics to Keep Your Revenue High After Christmas

When the bells at all churches jingle on Christmas eve, people set aside their concerns to gather around the Christmas trees, have feasts, give gifts, and raise glasses. However, these holidays are not bright and cheerful for everyone, particularly for eCommerce sellers. Because after Christmas sales events, they witness their …

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