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NEW RELEASE: TypeIt plugin for Magezon Page Builder

TypeIt plugin released
TypeIt plugin released

Bring live effects to your E-commerce site with TypeIt

Well, we just released new plugin named TypeIt. The plugin promises to bring some life into your site while building it with Magezon Page Builder. More particularly, you can create animated text with multiple effects. Make the strings move in the way you want.

To have an overall view about the plugin, watch the below video:

TypeIt plugin for Magezon Page Builder

Key Features:

  1. This plugin is perfect for Headings, Highlight Texts, etc that will surely grab customers’ attention at once. Choose from unique and stylish actions from the list of 6:
  • Type
  • Pause
  • Delete
  • Empty
  • Break
  • Options

2. Styled Typing Action

In each Typing Action, customise the string in the way you want. Beside, it’s possible to add some HTML language into the text.

Styled Typing Action
Styled Typing Action

3. Customize Text Look

Freely customise the Text Color, Size, Text Font Weight & Line Height. No limitation.

4. Create UNLIMITED Strings

Well, there’s no limit for your creativity as well as the length of your strings. Create wonderful animated texts at any size, and place them any where.

Create UNLIMITED strings

5. Looping function

Looping Function
Looping Function

6. Custom Cursor

Custom Cursor
Custom Cursor

7. Before, after default texts

Before, after default text
Before, after default text

So, where is TypeIt Plugin after installed?

To use the plugin, you must install Magezon Page Builder beforehand.

Once installing, the plugin will be added as an element in the Element List. For further info, follow the TypeIt User Guide.

Now, it’s time to give your sites a brand new look – Try NOW.

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