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5 Tips to Improve Sales Performance on Your Magento Store

How to improve sales

The more new customers an eCommerce store can generate the more successful it will be! In order to grab new ones to your site and improve sales performance, you need to make many efforts on your existing store. You must deeply understand the behavior of your customers and then make appropriate marketing strategies.
Although being considered as an excellent online platform, there are many reasons of a Magento 2 stores that keep customers away from your site. To add more loyal ones to your store, you have to deal with those things radically. Here below, we’ve listed 5 tips that may be helpful. Let’s dive in to see.

1. Loading speed – The first impression counts!

In this fast-paced life, no one likes waiting. Visitors and Google BOT prefer quick loading pages. Your site will be ranked higher on the SERP ladder if it has loading time less than 3 seconds for each click. Hence, the first thing to do to improve sales performance is fastening the speed of your site.

You can ease down the loading time by Magento 2 Lazy Load from Magezon which allows loading images and videos only when they enter the viewport as customers scroll down the page. With this extension, your website will load UP TO 70% faster. It is also a useful tool to boost your SEO ranking. Especially, it works effectively with all pages such CMS pages, home page, category pages, etc.

And, guess what? This magic tool is supported with no fee! Yes, no fee required! Totally free! So what are you still hesitating about?

Magento 2 Lazy Load
Magento 2 Lazy Load

2. Handy menu navigation helps improve sales

Another interesting factor engaging customers is to arrange all your products in a logic way. Make a sitemap of every tiny item but still keep it simple. Sometimes, it’s so difficult for you to put all the complicated mess of products into a native Magento 2 menu.  

Don’t worry! We’re here with our Ninja Menus that helps solve all the above problems. No technical or coding knowledge required! The simple intuitive interface of this extension lets you create any desired menus with tons of complex structures from the backend at a glance.

Your customers now can navigate your online store at ease finding what they are really looking for. And yet, Magento Ninja Menus is fully responsive which lets your visitors browse through your site on any device. Now all the thing you have to do is just install the extension and see how it improve sales performance dramatically.

Magento 2 mega menu
Magento 2 mega menu

3. Simplify your checkout process

As discussed above, no one likes waiting for something too long, especially when shopping. Imagine how your customers feel if they have to spend their precious time looking at the loading circle to wait for tiring check-out steps? It’s absolutely a nightmare for them and it can result in losing customers who were interested in your products. To prevent this, you can add the Magento 2 Ajax Cart that would simplify that process in a smart way.
Now, nothing is easier than adding a product to cart on a store equipped with our Ajax Cart. It allows customers to continue shopping without waiting for pages to reload each time adding items to cart or removing items from the cart. Besides, customers can easily see the related products displayed on the pop-up – which encourages them to buy more. Thus, it’s exactly a way to improve sales.

Magento 2 Ajax Cart
Magento 2 Ajax Cart

4. Build a close relationship with your customers

The best way to increase sales is by making real conversation with your customers. This means you should understand them, indeed, then convince them to buy your things. It will take time, of course, to make random visitors become your loyal customers. It’s hard, but nothing’s impossible.

We believe that so we create a tool called Blue Form Builder which helps create various forms to help you collect more information about your visitors. Easy and powerful, no coding skills required! Check it out how to create an amazing one here!

Magento 2 Blue Form Builder
Magento 2 Blue Form Builder

5. Arrange your products by lists and brands

Customers today are overwhelmed with products so to make the best choice each time shopping is such a challenge. Therefore, when coming to online stores, you should make it lists of famous brands that boost the trust for your site and get your customers’ attention. With Magento 2 Shop By Brand, you can save decision-making time for your customers but still proves a guarantee for quality.

“Magento 2 Shop By Brand lets you create an SEO-friendly brand listing and brand detailed pages with meta title, keyword, and description. It also comes with Featured Brands block which you can embed anywhere on your website. More noteworthy, you can view and manage sold products of each brand in the backend.”

Magento 2 Shop by brand
Magento 2 Shop by brand

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