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Top 10 Quick Order Extensions for Magento 2

Top 10 extensions for Magento 2

Are you busy with managing your wholesales business? Take your mind off. Magezon offers you a list of 10 Quick Order extensions for Magento 2 that make your work easier than ever. Let’s see the difference between all these products and what the best one is for you? 

What is Magento 2 Quick Order Extension?

Ordering and checkout are the most important parts of wholesale business. However, not everyone knows how to boost their business and custom the product pages. That’s why Quick order extension was built to support customers order products in bulk very quickly, also increasing business. Below are the 10 options of Magento 2 Quick order extensions for you.

Top 10 Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions 

1. Quick Order Extension by Magezon

Quick order extension by Magezon

Price: $149.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.1.x- 2.3.x

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Magezon allows customers to order products directly on the web sale page without navigating to another page. It’s extremely easy to use and no time consuming anymore. Therefore, searching time is reduced and your business can be boosted dramatically.

Key features 

  • Fast search and autocomplete technique ensure speed and efficiency
  • Order products directly on interface instead of navigating to other pages
  • Enter Multiple SKUs and manage quantity at the identical time
  • Use the fast CSV import function for all sort of products
  • Compatible with all Magento product types
  • Temporary product list
  • Fully Responsive
  • Highly Customizable Design
  • Display Quick order for specific customer groups
  • Save user previous actions as history
  • Detailed Documentation & Video Tutorials

2. Quick Order Extension by Mageplaza

Quick order extension by Mageplaza

Price: $199.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Magento 2 Quick Order extension by Mageplaza supports customers in putting a bulk order quickly with only several clicks. This helps wholesalers prevent abandonment  due to the easy right selection on a single page and boost sales.  

Key features

  • Instant Search box for Products
  • Bulk purchasing in Several Clicks
  • Optimize Quick Order Page
  • Highly Customizable Design
  • Custom URL & Page title
  • Fast order link position
  • Quick order for groups

3. Quick order by Land of coder 

Quick order by Land of coder

Price: $199.00

Compatible: Magento 2.3.0- Magento 2.3.x

Quick order by Land of Coder makes customers reduce searching time and increase purchase efficiency by inserting SKUs, product names, or CSV file rather than browsing all those web store pages. 

Key features

  • AJAX, elasticsearch & Bulk Order easily
  • Search products by names or SKUs very quick
  • Bulk order by CSV
  • Quick order field to enter multiple SKUs
  • Quick order all Magento 2 product types
  • Support simple products with custom options, bundle product
  • Live update in quantity, price, subtotal without loading
  • 3 minutes order making 

4. Quick Order by Magetop

Quick order by Magetop

Price: $69.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Magento 2 Quick Order Extension by Magetop allows customers to order products in bulk quickly without navigating the product sites. Simply enter the SKU, product name, quantity to add to cart and one thing special is import products to cart with a CSV file. 

Key features

  • Purchase products from a single page.
  • Search products by SKU or Name.
  • Update the product quantity on the quick order page 
  • Add multiple different products to quick order.
  • Present subtotal value and total order value on the quick order page.
  • Add items to cart directly or via CSV files.
  • Highly-customizable design to match the store’s theme.
  • Few-click bulk purchase.
  • Open-source, multi-store and multi-language support.
  • Easy to install and customize.

5. Wholesale Fast Order by BSScommerce

Wholesale fast order by BSScommerce

Price:  $159.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.2.x- 2.3.5

Wholesale Fast Order extension custom purchasing products by using pop up to select options or search items directly on the product page. Besides, it works well with a variety of product types, making every ordering process more comfortable.

Key features

  • Quick order by SKU
  • Bulk order Add to cart by CSV
  • Quick Order Field to Enter Multiple SKUs
  • Quick Order various Magento 2 product types
  • Quick Settings Fast Order Form in B2B Magento 2

6. Quick order by Magedelight

Quick order by Magedelight

Price: $79.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.2.x- 2.3.x

Magento 2 Quick Order by Magedelight allows clients to order products in bulk fast without handling the product pages. Purchasing items easily by entering the SKU, quantity or adding items to cart fast.

Key features

  • Search and order products using SKU
  • View all details of the ordered products 
  • Customize the Quick Order Page as per Theme
  • Search for products by using names or SKUs
  • Using CSV file to add different products in a single time 
  • Allow selected customer groups to access order by SKU feature
  • Add products quickly by specifying the items for B2B users
  • Enabled Autosuggestion on SKU input
  • Supports all product types
  • Guest Users can use quick order feature

7. Quick order by Evincemage

Quick order by Evincemage

Price: $159.00

Compatible: CE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Quick order by Evincemage allows clients to purchase products with some clicks and no need to navigate to others pages. Moreover, this extension allows customers to find, select and order products quickly with all categories of quick pages. 

Key features

  • Find products with SKU
  • Select product quantity & attributes
  • Edit product quantity and attributes
  • Remove selected product
  • Set max. product results
  • Enable extension for Customer groups

8. Quick order by MageAnts

Quick order by MageAnts

Price: $89.00

Compatible: Magento 2.0.x- 2.3.x

This is a friendly and flexible extension of MageAnts for wholesales business that consumers can order numerous products with ease from the store. Besides, the website can increase sales and improve customer experience.

Key features

  • Quick Search options for purchasers using SKUs or product names.
  • Ajax-based extension to confirm speed and efficiency.
  • Use the fast CSV import function for simple products.
  • Restrict the extension features to a particular customer group.
  • All customers avoid time consuming with easy searches and quick orders.
  • Working for all kinds of Product: Simple, Configurable product, Group product, Downloadable Product, Virtual Product and Simple Product with custom options.

9. Fast Order by Dckap 

Fast order by Dckap

Price: $249.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.0.x- 2.3.x

Fast order from Dckap allows all customers landing on a web store to search and add products easily to cart and no navigation requirement to search out items. Furthermore, Quick order is such an extension to facilitate the customer with this functionality.

Key features 

  • Allow searching and buying the products by fill in the popup
  • Customers can order simple and configurable products by using popup.
  • Add different product by using dynamics rows in the popup 
  • Add numerous products fast by specifying the SKU and the quantity of the products in a textbox in the popup.
  • Admin can change the number of rows in the popup display
  • Enable admin to change the separator for SKU and quantity from the backend
  • Enable admin to change the number of characters needed for product auto suggestions to figure within the popup.
  • Allow admin to add quick order on any CMS Page using widget option

10. Quick order by Amasty

Quick order by Amasty

Price: $149.00

Magento 2 Quick order by Amasty allows customers to shop numerous items from one page instead of visiting too many web store pages. Therefore, business owners can boost their B2B sales and increase purchases.

Key features

  • Search AJAX product via SKU or product name 
  • Enable to add different SKUs to make bulk orders
  • Bulky order by CSV and XML files 
  • Specify product options and quantities from the list
  • Certify SKU mismatches and out of stock on the fly
  • Convenient quick order UX on mobile and desktop

Sum up 

Above are the top 10 Quick order extensions in Magento 2 we would like to introduce to you. Hope you guys can find the most suitable choice to boost your wholesales business. Check our comparison blog posts to get more articles like this . Feel free to leave us some comments on the section below. 

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