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Top 7+ Magento 2 Product Attachments for Your Store

Top 7+ Magento 2 Product attachments

Making your product page more understandable and helping your customers get all the information. Try to provide the product information, but still don’t know what or how you should do it. In this post, Magezon will give you a list of Magento 2 Product Attachments extensions which totally can help you deal with the struggle. 

What is Product Attachments?

Magento 2 Product Attachments is an extension that allows you to attach files and others that help increase customer purchasing. You can add essential files and attach them to the product in bulk via CSV-file import. 

Top 7+ Magento 2 Product Attachments

1. Product Attachments by Magezon

Product attachments for Magento 2 by Magezon

Price: $129.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.0.x- 2.4.x

Product Attachments by Magezon allows you to add additional files to the product page so that customers can directly view and download to better understand your products. This will help increase the chance of customers purchasing your products and improve the post-purchase experience.

Key features

  • Present attachments on product pages
  • Display files on order view page & confirmation email 
  • Upload files in 2 ways 
  • Attach unlimited files of various formats
  • Display icons matching each attachment type
  • Use category to group attachments 
  • View report on attachment downloads
  • Bulk import files via CSV
  • Compatible with Single Product Page Builder
  • Explore more amazing features
  • Aftersales support and tutorials

2. Product Attachments by Mageplaza

Product attachments for Magento 2 by Mageplaza

Price: $129.00

Compatibility: CE, EE 2.2.x- 2.3.x

Magento 2 Product Attachments extension from Mageplaza allows admins on your product page to attach single or multiple informative files of products in any format. Admin can drag and drop to upload attachments quickly as well as reduce the file viewability and downloadability. Grab attention from customers with eye-catching file icons and well-documented attachments. 

Key features 

  • Add single or multiple attachments
  • Drag and drop to upload attachments
  • Attach any types of files 
  • Pre-made icon packages
  • Attachment download report
  • Bulk attach files in CSV

3. Product Attachments by Landofcoder

Landofcoder Product attachment

Price: $119.00

Compatibility: CE, EE 2.0.x – 2.4.x

It can be complex for customers to understand your products. Magento 2 Product Attachments by Landofcoder makes it much easier by uploading attachment files to any product page. These files such as user guides, warranties, and policies contain additional information that helps your customers know better about your products and services, making faster customer purchase decisions.

4. Product Attachments by MageAnts

Product attachments by Mageants

Price: $49.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.0- 2.3

Product attachments by MageAnts allows you to add an interactive element to your eCommerce website. You can add the details about your items in the form of various attachments and inform your customers better.

Key features 

  • Add product details in any format to enrich the product page view 
  • Available multiple format files like audios, videos, images, etc.
  • Assign multiple description attachments to one single product.
  • Upload all the attachments from the backend admin panel with ease.
  • Display all the items using interactive frontend icons to display all the various product attachments.
  • Add specific URL for redirect to the customer any product, pages, and websites

5. Product attachments by Fmeextensions

Magento 2 Product attachments by Fmeextensions

Price: $119.99

Compatible: CE, EE 2.1.x- 2.3.x

Magento 2 Product Attachments extension empowers you to connect downloadable files to your product and CMS pages. Attach guides, tutorials, manuals, warranties, policies, and other relevant information to enhance the conversion rate. It allows you to upload PDF, DOC, XLS, or the other file types and add custom icons to create them look attractive.

Key features

  • Attach Multiple Files on Product & CMS Pages
  • Isolated files download page with categories 
  • Multiple file formats & display icons
  • Customer groups & store view to reduce restrict attachments
  • Enable to add PDF, DOC, Links, Videos or any other file type
  • Set Download Limit & Display Counter
  • Drag & Drop to Upload Files

6. Product Attachments by Mconnectmedia

Magento 2 Product attachments from Mconnectmedia

Price: $79.00

Compatible: CE 2.0.x- 2.3.x

Product attachments from Mconnectmedia offers file attachments to provide detailed information about products to customers in the form of downloadable file attachments by content on the frontend product page. Upload item attachments in any sort which include images, videos, or docs using the backend grid to persuade clients without problem to assist them in making their purchasing decision. 

Key features

  • Add multiple product attachments to every product
  • Upload any form of report and assign it to more than one merchandise the use of grid
  • Manage uploaded files conveniently with backend grid 
  • Upload multiple files without reloading the page by using AJAX 
  • Frontend separate tab based list view design to show attachments
  • Detects the file type automatically and display it with icon, title & size
  • Option to restrict product attachments to guest customers
  • Allow different attachments for a single product and vice versa
  • Configure the file visibility on unique store views and consumer groups
  • Compatible with multi-store to manage file visibility

7. Product Attachments by Solwininfotech

Magento 2 Product attachments by Solwininfotech

Price: $44.00

Compatible: CE 2.0.x- 2.3.x, EE 2.1.x- 2.3.x 

Solwininfotech Product Attachments Magento 2 extension makes product files available for download on the product detail page. It allows the store owner to add different sorts which include pdf, .docx, jpg, jpeg, png, ppt, docs, images, etc.

Key features 

  • Easy to install and manage
  • Enable/ Disable from Backend
  • Support multi-stores environment 
  • Applies on product page
  • Show attached documents
  • Support different file types
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Premium support 
  • Role-based access 

8. Product Attachments by Webtexsoftware

Product attachments for Magento 2 from Webtexsotware

Price: $99.00

Webtextsoftware with Product Attachments extension allows you to create informative product pages that assist you no longer worry about your clients not having obvious looks about your products. By supporting downloadable files of any format and many other useful functions, your site becomes better than ever.

Key features

  • Attaching downloadable documents of any format
  • Assigning files by a product ID or SKU
  • Flexible uploaded documents management
  • Ability to define download limit/ user permissions
  • Advanced file & multi-file upload functions
  • Downloadable files on CMS pages
  • Accurate file downloads stats.

9. Product Attachments by Amasty

Magento 2 Product attachments from Amasty

Price: $169.00

Compatible: CE, EE

Product Attachments by Amsty provides customers a professional approach by showing highly detailed product data. Provide correct manuals, licenses, warranties, and other info on the website. Upload different files of any format and use catchy icons to seize customers’ interest with Magento 2 Product Attachments.

Key features:

  • Extend the capability with API support
  • Support 25+ document types
  • Attach one document to products, categories, and CMS pages
  • Show catchy document icons
  • Display files in customer accounts and transactional emails in line with order statuses
  • Apply docs to various websites and store views
  • Mobile-optimized design and Magento B2B compatibility

10. Product Attachments by Magedelight

Magento 2 Product attachments by Magedelight

Price: $79.00

Compatible: CE, EE 2.2.x- 2.3x 

Product Attachment from Magedelight offers clients an excellent method by displaying surprisingly targeted product information. This extension provides correct manuals, licenses, warranties, and different information on webpages. 

Key features

  • Supports commonly used file formats
  • Unlimited number of attachments to be embedded
  • Show product attachments based on customer groups
  • Drag and drop document while uploading
  • Dynamically fetch file name, size, and type
  • Bulk connect files in CSV
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Above are the top 7+ Product Attachments for Magento 2 that Magezon collected. Before, we also published some of the comparison posts. Hope that you can find your suitable extension provider to support your eCommerce store. Visit our blog tutorial to get more articles, and feel free to leave us some of your comments on the section below. 

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