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New Updates in Oct 2020-Jan 2021

New extension updates in Oct 2020-Jan 2021

Dear our customers, 

We would like to announce some important updates to the following extensions and plugins:

  • Single Product Page Builder
  • FAQ
  • Product Attachments
  • Font Builder

This update includes more new functions that promise to bring you convenience and the ability to optimize the efficiency of each extension. Read on to see what updates have been made during Oct 2020 – Jan 2021. 

Besides, we will show you a list of extensions made to be compatible with Magento 2 Single Product Page Builder.

Update Magezon Extensions in Oct 2020-Jan 2021

I. Font Builder

1. Allow Users To Update Their Favourite Fonts

In the previous version, users could only choose the fonts available in Font Builder plugin. However, this could narrow down the opportunity to make a big difference to your website. So, we’ve updated the plugin with the extra field named Additional Fonts that gives you the ability to upload your desired fonts for your Magento stores.


II. Single Product Page Builder

1. Set priority for the layout assigned to the product page

When you created several layout profiles for a product, the first-created layout would be applied to products previously. In this update, we created a Priority field to Magento 2 Single Product Page Builder. This additional field helps you set the priority for your favorite layout, just by entering a number at Priority. The smaller the number, the higher its priority.


2. Multi-store and language support

Another updated field is Store View. This new feature is perfect for store owners who are controlling multiple stores. Now, it’s much easier to assign layout profiles to different store views as wanted.


3. Assign a layout to specific products using flexible conditions

The last feature enables you to assign a layout for your wanted products by setting conditions. Specifically, the detail page whose products meet given conditions will be applied to that layout. 


III. Magento 2 FAQ Extension

1. Show/Hide Question Form

In this update on Magento 2 FAQ extension, we’ve created an extra field called Show Submit Form that allows you to decide whether or not to display Question Form on the detail question page and product page.


2. Stop Question Form Spam with Recaptcha

To help users reduce spam, we’ve updated Magento 2 FAQ extension with reCaptcha. With the additional feature, customers are required to verify that they are not bots before submitting the Question form.


3. Choose the desired language for ReCaptcha

Again, Recaptcha in FAQ extension comes with one more field named Choose Language. Instead of not being able to do nothing with the language for reCaptcha in the previously version, this new one gives you a wide variety of languages to select for it.


4. Show search statistics on Search History page

This newly updated feature allows you to explore what words and how many times your customers are searching for. With those data collected, you can choose the right keyword for your website optimization.


5. More themes for FAQ HomePage to select

Previously, there was only one theme for FAQ HomePage to select. But now, you have one more choice – theme 2 which is designed visually better.


6. Less Typing with Search Suggestions 

This new feature provides your customers search suggestions in a drop down as they type in a search box. This helps them find what you’re searching for with less typing.


IV. Product Attachments

1. Create a new category on the file attachment edit page

For Magento 2 Product Attachments extension, you can now create a new category right on the file attachment edit page, which was impossible in the previous version. This category will be automatically updated in the Category dropdown.


2. Add a filter function to the icon grid page, category grid page and report page

On the icon grid page, category grid page and report page, we have added a function named Filter so that you can filter the icons, categories and reports by the column name.


Filter function on the icon grid page


Filter function on the category grid page


Filter function on the report page

3.Use drag & drop to upload attachments in attachment grid

In this update, Product Attachment allows you to change the file in the attachment grid using drag & drop besides clicking on the Upload button previously.


4. Show customer email addresses in the report page

 On the report page, we updated one more column Email containing customers’ registered email addresses. Email addresses will be displayed in the email column only when they have logged in. Otherwise, these pieces of information will not be shown.


Compatible with Single Product Page Builder

Now, we will show you the extensions made to be compatible with Magento 2 Single Product Page Builder. That means, this extension has been added some more elements depending on the compatible extensions.  

Scroll down to know what they are.

1. Magento 2 Image Gallery

When being installed with Magento 2 Image Gallery extension, Single Product Page Builder owns a new element called Related Album. This tool enables you to add product images and videos in gallery right on the product pages.


2. Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

When working together with Magento 2 Size Chart extension, Single Product Page Builder has been added 2 new elements: Size Chart Button and Size Chart Content. Size Chart Button element is used to insert a size chart button to product pages. Meanwhile, the other one helps users add product information on the size chart such as images, detail metrics.


3. Magento 2 FAQ Extension

The third name which is compatible with Single Product Page Extension in this update is Magento 2 FAQ extension. With this combination, you can now add product-related FAQs to product pages by FAQ Related element. Further,  it’s possible to create a question submission form right on the page by adding FAQ Question Form element.


4. Magento 2 Product Page PDF Builder

Print PDF element is added to Magento 2 Single Product Page when being installed with Product Page PDF Builder extension. This element helps you easily download a PDF version of the current product page in the layout you assign to.


5. Magento 2 Countdown Timer

When being installed with Magento 2 Countdown Timer, Single Product Page Builder has an additional element Countdown Timer Content. Use this element to show countdown timers assigned to a product on its detail page.


6. Magento 2 Product Attachments

Product Attachmentsfor Magento 2 is a tool that enables you to attach additional files on product pages. When being installed with this extension, Single Product Page Builder has the same ability with an additional element named Product Attachments.


7. Magento 2 Blog Extension

A new element named Blog appears in Single Product Page Builder after being installed with Blog extension. This tool allows you to add related blog posts right on its detail page.


8.    Magento 2 Shop By Brand Extension

When being installed with Magento 2 Shop By Brand, Single Product Page Builder owns 2 more elements: Brand Logo and Brand Product. You can now use Brand Logo elements to show the brand logo the product belongs to. The other element helps you show a block of products from that brand.


To Sum Up 

Hope that these above updates will give you a better experience with our extensions. If you need further clarification or need any support, don’t hesitate to reach us.

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