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10 Legitimate “Meet the Team” Pages and Their Secret Formula

10 legitimate “Meet the Team” pages and their secret formulae

Have you ever wondered why we need the “Meet the Team” page for websites? I can say that the “Meet the Team” page can impress customers from the first interaction. Specifically, “Meeting the Team” is an effective tool for solidifying advertisements and promotional campaigns within the mind of your target audience.

If you haven’t known the recipe for a perfect “Meet the Team” page, we will help you through the valuable suggestions below, and 10 examples will inspire creativity in your future “Our Team” page.

Why Do We Need a “Meet the Team” Page?

Of course, everyone loves to work with people they know and trust, and the “Meet the Team” page will help your potential customers know, like, and trust you. Moreover, this can help customers feel familiar and comfortable working with your team. And through this helpful page, they can confirm that you are a legitimate company.

With all the information that your company or team has on the “Meet the Team” page, customers can know each ability of a group and each individual and choose the people with the suitable capacity to meet their needs. It shows that real people are working for your company, making it more professional and attracting the attention of potential customers.

Should You Go for a “Meet the Team” or an “About Us” Page?

You may confuse the “Meet the Team” page and the “About Us” page. Below, we will help you better understand these two useful types of pages, their similarities, and their differences.

The “Meet the Team” page is almost universally prevalent among companies and can be found in many industries. You can identify team members through clear information and images.

The “About Us” is a particular web page on your website where your readers/visitors can know more about your company or business and what you’re doing. It also provides an opportunity for content such as company history, size, and vision. Although the “Meet the Team” page and “About Us” page have different names, they have quite a similar purpose: introducing the company.

Jackson Hogg put their “Meet the Team” page in “About us”.

However, the difference between them is that the “Meet the Team” page requires complete information and clear images of the group members or company, which customers need to know before hiring or cooperating with that company.

As for the “About Us” page, customers should only know general information about the company or business types to provide customers with more detailed information about the company.

So here we give you definitions, the similarities, and differences, not to choose which one you should use. We want you to determine your company’s formal requirements and content that meets customers’ needs. Some companies put the ” Meet the Team” page inside the “About Us” page, and the “ Meet the Team” page now becomes a particular part of the “About Us“ page.

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“Meet the Team” Tips that Can’t Go Wrong

1. High-Quality Photo

The website is increasingly important in connecting brands with customers in the digital age. For a website, image is one of the most critical factors. With the “Meet the Team” pages, it is even more essential to convey its message and attract potential customers. With beautiful, high-quality illustrations on the “Meet the Team” pages, many businesses have successfully impressed customers, making them stay longer and want to do business with them.

2. One-of-a-Kind Content

We all know unique content will excite your readers and make them remember your company’s name longer. So how to create unique content and images that attract viewers? Below, we will help you better understand how to write content for your “Meet the Team” page to be unique.

Firstly, you can highlight your team’s strengths and what your team can do well. Or you can ask questions about problems in each industry niche and how each team member responds to them.

Secondly, present your page as a legitimate page. The object which contacts clients is real people, not drones.

Finally, sharing your values and vision of how you are doing with potential customers will make them trust and choose you.

Of course, we all know that in just a few years, social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, have become virtual interaction platforms for global internet users while providing vast amounts of information. So why don’t we use them as a helpful tool to promote and connect customers with our “Meet the Team” page?

With the help of social media, we can connect and communicate with customers and employees, enabling them to exchange information with us quickly and effectively. Having links to your social media pages will make your customers feel more at ease and trust your business as they can see your latest updates on your Instagram and Facebook. This is a very convenient option, right?

4. Updating Your “Meet the Team” Page

If you’ve been working at your company for a while, your “Meet the Team” page might have become outdated. 

It might be time to get rid of your old photo and update your profile photo, add an image that you like, or replace someone who left the company.

Be silly! Learn everybody’s name! Add bucket list goals and aspirations! Get candid about the best project we ever worked on! Discuss our favorite books, movies, and TV shows. Ask people what they like to do outside of work.

All it takes is creativity and initiative to update your “Meet the Team” page. It may seem daunting at first, but once you start brainstorming ideas and asking for input from your team members, it should be a breeze.

10 Stunning  “Meet the Team” Pages

1. Zoocha


Zoocha is a company that provides a one-stop shop for all your design needs. They offer everything from logo design and illustration to website design and development. In addition, they provide branding projects, complete with sales materials for entrepreneurs looking to launch their brand.

“It is like we are meeting a real company”, that is what people say when seeing Zoocha’s page. Constructing the “Meet the Team” page is straightforward yet elegant. I think the picture of the cute dog is humor that reflects the team’s openness, and this strategy works because it captures the audience’s attention.

The team page is neatly organized with pictures, logos, and short descriptions making it easy to navigate. And if you put the cursor on a member, you will find their names and position in the company.

2. Apadmi


Apadmi is an integrated mobile and web application development company focusing on branding, marketing, consultation, and strategy. With their talented designers and developers, they can create something innovative and drive its performance in the mobile market so that you can use it.

Apadmi’s “Meet the Team” page is an excellent example of brainstorming your page idea. The black background color and setting are simple but sleek. In addition, their “Meet the Team” page is clear, standing out from the other pages on the site.

They also have a very informative “Meet the Team” page. It consists of several sections of people who are part of the team, each displaying information about that person and what they do in the company.

Moreover, the page is responsive, adapts to different screen sizes, and looks good with any device. The layout is easy on the eyes for users with different screen sizes.

3. Appetite Creative


Appetite Creative is a digital agency established in 2015. It’s a unique blend of varied experiences that brings together creatives from all over the world with backgrounds in design, marketing, film, and branding. Driven by their passion for innovation and creativity, they combine their wide range of skills to create bold work for the brands they represent.

The “Meet the Team” page of Appetite Creative is a blend of different tools mixed to create a showcase of the team that has brought in endless creativity displayed in their portfolio.

The black color in the background is a combination of the latest logo to represent their professionalism. Their “Meet the Team” page stands out the most because each member has a picture with a giraffe. They pose as they please with their company’s mascot, which is cool and fun and will attract many customers to stay on their website for longer.

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4. Replica Studios


Replica Studios is a company that specializes in artificial intelligence for creative studios. Over the last few years, they’ve designed a suite of products that help customers build better AI solutions for their productions. They first began by offering a web-based tool to assist customers in producing and evaluating stories. They have further expanded that with storyboarding and graphic design automation applications.

Their “Meet the Team” idea includes information about the company, such as who they are, what they do, and their vision. At the top of the page, they also provide links to several resources that can be used to learn more about their website, along with some demos that they have previously created.

The company uses black as the primary color for the background. Pictures of members have special effects like faulty footage. They also have their names, positions, and members’ social media links.

5. Pitch


Pitch is a presentation platform that builds an entirely new approach to presentation, and its mission is to allow every team to do their best.

Besides creating templates designed by experts, they’ve created an ecosystem where anyone can discover revolutionary ideas developed by top thinkers and makers. They can also publish colorful storytelling and standout work.

They are a new inspiration for creating a “Meet the Team” page for your startup with a unique layout arrangement.

Taking advantage of the contrast of different colors, they have made a strong impression on customers who prefer simplicity. Instead of giving their strengths, team members give their names, positions, and social media links, creating a feeling of closeness and friendliness with customers.

6. Miro


Miro is a platform enabling teams, regardless of location, tools, channels, or time zones, to communicate and collaborate across data formats, devices, and media. By fostering a sense of shared understanding, they aim to dissolve that challenge.

Their “Meet the Team” page will catch your eye at first sight with a harmonious look. Although they don’t create any effect on the faces, it’s a perfect example of using color and shape wisely in combination, which greatly impacts viewers. You may use this technique to make your page stand out from other pages and catch your audience’s attention.

7. Fishfinger


The Fishfinger is a creative agency. They love nothing more than amazing stories. A unique combination of branding, animation, and web design enables them to create digital experiences that can only be created. ‘Boring’ is not their style. Despite the dull subject, they pride themselves on turning it into compelling content.

Seeing a team that is such creative is a first for me since I’ve never encountered anything like it. This page will not be viewable in its entirety. Each mouse move will take you to another member. Instead of using real pictures, they use cartoon characters and humorous effects.

In addition, other parts introduce each team member and explain their roles on the website. While unique to their site, this style would also work well in a company brochure or poster.

8. Series Eight


As a brand and marketing agency, they deal with organizations, brands, and startups across various industries, such as Fintech and luxury travel. They are committed to working in alignment with the customer experience and technology.

On top of that, their “Meet the Team” page is not just any page. The group members turn their avatars into cartoon characters with fun and valuable information. It’s a little bit quirky, yet it gets the point across.

Series Eight has designed this page to grab your attention immediately, and it will never leave you until you finish reading all of it. Of course, the website is very well made and has an amazing design, but this part is hands down a work of art.

9. Push


Push understood an intrinsic value beyond price and product that builds a successful brand in establishing their agency. They have gathered an impressive team of writers, designers, art directors, project managers, media buyers, digital strategists, account managers, and experts in social media content who can interpret and reflect the authentic voice based on meaningful data and insight.

As a business with almost 25 years in the industry, they have built solid relationships with many of the world’s most famous brands and launched several innovative products.

It’s nice to see an actual photo of faces. The design of their avatars complements the website perfectly and makes everything seem more cheerful. And they’ve taken the time to provide personality traits as wander roles in the company – definitely worth reading.

10. Ghostly Ferns


Ghostly Ferns is a group of generally individual creators who best when they work together. You can meet Jen Mussari – a Commercial Artist known for hand-painted bandanas for Apprvl, custom lettering for Coach, and piles of other hand-painted goods for many companies.

This group comprises talented and powerful women and men. Perhaps their designs are somewhat feminine, including pink and white. Their plan is simple but eye-catching, with sections that set their direction and goals for potential customers. Moreover, they also increase the attraction for potential customers to cooperate and develop together.

To help customers find members with all the necessary elements, Ghostly Ferns provides photos and information of members to choose the right person for the requirements.


In conclusion, this post has shown you 10 legitimate “Meet the Team” pages and their secret formulae. The “Meet the Team” page is a common technique that companies use to give their customers a sense of who they are, what they do, and how competent they are.

I hope this has been helpful, and I encourage you to look at these sites. The “Meet the Team” pages not only have great information but can also suggest relevant social networking platforms to follow these companies on.

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