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How to Upload Image in Magento 2

How to upload image in Magento 2

With Magento 2 WYSIWYG editor, uploading images is a breeze. This tutorial will show you How to upload photos in Magento 2 in 9  steps.

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Step 1: Open a CMS Page, Block, or Dynamic Block Where You Want to Insert an Image. 


Choose a page in Magento 2 where you want to add image

Step 2: Expand the Content section.

You will see an editor toolbar with various options. 


Step 3: Move the cursor to where you want to add the image. 

Step 4: Hit the Insert image icon in the editor toolbar.

You will see the Insert/edit image popup appear with three fields: Source, Image description, and Dimensions

Step 5:  Hit the magnifying glass icon to start adding images. 


From here, a Select Images window will open, allowing you to upload an image using its URL. 

To do so, choose an existing image or upload a new image from the computer. 

You can also paste an image URL from the Internet to upload that image directly to your page. 

Step 6: Choose a file in the left column of the window. 


Step 7: Click Upload Image to select an image from the computer. 


You can choose one or more images from the computer by pressing Shift. 

To search images using Adobe Stock, go to Magento Userguide to find out.

Step 8: Click Add selected to add the image.

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Step 9: (Optional) Add Image description and Dimensions to the image as your preference. 

That’s the wrap of Magento image upload. If you’ve done it successfully, comment down below to share with us. For more fast, well-coded extensions, please visit Magezon.

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