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How to Setup Store Email Addresses in Magento

How to setup Magento 2 store email addresses

On the road to being the go-to in a market share, email communication is always an essential aspect storeowner should take into account. The email represents your image and message with your defined set of customers, deciding whether your brand looks professional or not. So in today’s topic of the Store Settings category, we will start with setting up Magento 2 store email addresses. Let’s dive straight into it!

3 Steps to Setup Store Email Addresses in Magento 2

By default, Magento allows you to have five store email addresses associated with multiple business purposes. If you look at the backend, there are three predefined email identities: 

  • General contact
  • Sales representatives
  • Customer support

Each of them serves a specific purpose with an auto-message. You can set up to display the email identities as the senders of all emails sent from your store. Besides, Magento provides you with two other custom email identities to match your store’s distinct function and department. 

Step 1: Set up the Email Address for Your Domain

Before making any changes, we recommend that you have an email address on your custom domain name. I mean, the email address should look something more optimal than any other free email account you may create. For example, instead of using [email protected], we use [email protected]. This slight difference brings us a professional vibe. Consequently, your business can build credibility and trust in the customer’s eyes.

You can either read your web hosting provider’s instructions or contact them to create an email address for your domain name.

Step 2: Configure the Email Address for Your Store

From the admin panel, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration:

Stores >> Settings >> Configuration | Magento 2 store email addresses

Look at the left panel, span General >> Store Email Addresses:

span General >> Store Email Addresses

Open General Contact:

Open General Contact | Magento 2 store email addresses

Before configuring, please untick the Use system value checkmarks.

  • Sender Name: This is the name of the person who appears as the sender of this email identity. In this case, enter the sender name of the General Contact identity. 
  • Sender Email: Enter the sender email address associated with this email identity.You can apply the same process for the rest in the email identity list.

After that, click Save Config.

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Step 3: Update the Sales Email Configuration

Look at the left panel, expand Sales > Sales Emails:

expand Sales >> Sales Emails

As you can see, there are nine separated sections:

  • Order
  • Order Comments
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Comments
  • Shipment
  • Shipment Comments
  • Credit Memo
  • Credit Memo Comments
  • Order Ready For Pickup in Store

Span Order, make sure the sender in the New Order Confirmation Email Sender field matches the above Store Email Addresses settings. 

Span Order | Magento 2 store email addresses

Do the same to any section you want to make sure its configuration is correct. After that, click Save Config.

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