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How to Add FAQ to Product Page in Magento 2


Having an FAQs page is not enough to meet your customers demand. Not everyone has time to access your FAQs page to find related information when making a purchase on a specific product or service.

Hence, showing valued FAQs on the Product Page will effectively assist customers to quickly and easily reach common questions and its answers related to their concerned products and services. Through it, your online store can gain more positive signals from customers as their satisfaction or their trust. 

This article will provide you a detailed guide on how to add FAQs to the product page by our Magento 2 FAQ Extension. Let’s dig deeper!

4 steps to add FAQ to product page by Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Step 1: Open the Questions Grid

From the admin panel, follow the path: Content → Questions. Then the Questions Grid that contains all created frequently asked questions will display.

open questions grid

Step 2: Select FAQs that you want to add to Product Page 

In the Questions Grid, find the question that you want to show on the Product Page, and go to choose “edit” in the Action column.

select questions in the questions grid

After selecting the question, go to the Related Products section to assign the question to the appropriate Product Pages. 

In this guide, we’ll show questions on the product pages of 2 products with SKU – WSH12 & WSH11

choose related products to add faq

Step 4: Move to the Configuration section to edit Product Page option

Next, from the admin panel, navigate to Store >> Configuration

In the Configuration section area, go to edit the Product Page option

First, enable Product Page, then set title for FAQs tab on the Product Page, for example – “Product Question”. 

Finally, decide the maximum number of questions displayed on the Product Page in the Number of Questions field. 

edit product page option

Once you’ve finished all these steps, your FAQ will be added to the chosen Product Page!

the result 1 - Add faq to product page
the result 2 - Add faq to product page


Giving valuable product information is a smart way to convert visitors to customers. After following this instruction, we hope that you are now able to add your FAQ on Product Pages with Magezon Magento 2 FAQ Extension.

If you have any confusion when applying these steps, feel free to contact us or just leave a comment below. 

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