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7+ Best Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions to Consider


It’s inevitable to be confused when making decisions on choosing the best Magento 2 Hide Price extension for use. You may doubt if its cost is reasonable, or whether it offers your needed functions or not, etc…Considering this situation, we’ve made a research to find out 7+ best Magento 2 Hide Price modules for you. The list in this article will provide you with all necessary information you need to know before purchasing. 

I. Why should you hide product price?

Are you wondering whether it’s good or bad when hiding product price to customers? Let’s read some following benefits to clarify your confusion:

  • Prevent competition: In the market, there are lots of vendors who sell products same to you. This situation may cause amid harsh competition in the e-commerce industry. So hiding product price will help your business to reduce price competition and keep potential customers away from other competitors.
  • Stimulate customer’s engagement: Concealing price brings to your business a great opportunity to become closer to customers. When the price is hidden, customers need to contact you to get info. Hence, the support team can bring to them product detailed information as well as take care of them better. Not only this, it also helps your store increase customer databases such as name, email, address, and phone number.
  • Hold full control to improve price strategies: With every store, customer groups are normally divided into 2 groups: wholesalers and retailers. The retailers group is considered as one-time buyers with a small number of orders. In contrast, wholesalers groups often tend to buy a large number of products. So if you want to apply different promotions to different customer groups, hiding price is the best solution for you.

II. 7+ best Magento 2 Hide Price extensions

Now, go insight into the list of top 7 Magento 2 Hide Price extensions:

1. Magezon | Magento 2 Hide Price

magento 2 hide price - magezon

Price: $129

Demo: Backend

Magento 2 Hide Price from Magezon is the first module we would like to suggest for you. This powerful module fits perfectly with vendors who are seeking a solution to hide product price to specific products, customer groups, and store views. Besides hiding price, this extension lets admins replace price by call-to-action message and custom button to gain customer’s attention.

When using it, you have full control over customizing the button and message until it meets your desire. What’s more, it also supports the report of price requests feature for easy management. It’s such an amazing extension, right? Why don’t you give it a try now!

Here are some main features of this module:

  • Hide price product prices by rules
  • Restrict price visibility on certain customer groups 
  • Hide price to specific store view
  • Replace price by a custom button & message
  • Support 3 contact form types
  • Collect customers data by contact form
  • Redirect customers to any page
  • Email notification for both admins and customers
  • Easy manage requests by detailed report
  • Support 2 ways to reply requests: email and backend

2. Amasty | Hide Price for Magento 2


Price: $159

Demo: Backend

The next provider in the list calls Hide Price for Magento 2 from Amasty. This high-cost solution allows you to hide product prices and the Add to Cart button separately. It also helps optimize price strategies by limiting the display of price on product and category pages. Furthermore, you’re able to restrict price visibility to any customer groups. From that, you can remove both price & Add to Cart button, or hide price only and replace Add to Cart option by custom button to encourage customer’s engagement. Ready to give it a try?

Let’s see some key features of this extension:

  • Hide product price on product and category pages
  • Disable Add to Cart button, wish list, and compare list
  • Show price for specific customer groups
  • Redirect customers to any page
  • Replace Add to Cart button by a custom button
  • Gather customer information
  • Notify admins about new requests
  • View request details

3. Mageplaza | Hide Price for Magento 2


Price: $129

Demo: Backend

Hide Price from Mageplaza comes with a special feature that is auto-hide price by rules. With this feature, admins can set conditions of Product Category, Product Attribute, or Attribute Set to apply rules to specific products and categories. Moreover, another special feature of this module comes from price requests management. Apart from that, admins can manage all requests from customers and view their information in the backend. Also, Mageplaza Hide Price enables admins to conceal price to certain customer groups as well as store views. 

Now take a look at some highlight features of this module:

  • Automatically hide product price by rules
  • Restrict customer groups to access price
  • Manage price requests by detailed report
  • Provide 4 alternatives to hide price
  • Admin email notifications

4. Bsscommerce | Magento 2 Hide Price


Price: $79

Demo: Backend

Bsscommerce develops a module with full necessary features that each Magento 2 Hide Price must have. This is suitable for store owners who are looking for an extension with reasonable price and basic functionality. Admins have the ability to hide prices for certain products by configuring them in the edit page. Also, hiding prices for selected customer groups and categories is available. Further, instead of concealing pride only, admins can replace it by showing custom messages or links to navigate customers to a certain page. 

Below is feature full list of this module:

  • Hide price for certain products and categories
  • Hide price from particular customer groups
  • Replace price by custom messages or links
  • Hide price/Add to cart separately

5. Landofcoder | Magento 2 Hide Price


Price: $128

The module from Lanofcoder is stressed as a smart solution for both B2B and B2C business. With basic and easy-to-config functions, admins may find it effortless to hide prices based on customer groups, specific products, and even disable shopping cart functionality. Not only hiding price, admins can also supplant price by different call-to-action messages to encourage customers take further action like registering, or upgrading level to earn more exclusive advantages.

Let’s get insight into highlight features of this extension:

  • Hide price for multiple products at once
  • Hide price from certain customer groups
  • Disable price on all pages
  • Display other messages instead of Add to Cart
  • Allow to show/hide price on specific store view
  • Customized Message: Support Magento 2 shortcode, widgets

6. Xtento | Hide Price & Call For Price


Price: $129

Demo: Backend

This extension of Xtento combines both hide price and call for price to cover all aspects of hiding price. This mixture of two functions enable you to take full control over price display settings and Add to Cart functionality. You can hide the add to cart button and price separately for specific categories, products, or customer groups. Also, depending on your needs, you can replace Add to Cart by other texts, URLs, or Call For Price button. 

Now go to see the feature full list of this module:

  • Hide add to cart button and price separately
  • Hide price for specific categories and products
  • Disable add to cart functionality
  • Import/export hide price attribute
  • Restrict price visibility on certain customer groups

7. Magecomp | Magento 2 Hide Price


Price: $39

Demo: Backend

Let’s continue with another module from Magecomp. Although this extension has the lowest cost compared to mentioned extensions, it still offers enough prominent functionality for users. By hiding price for particular products and customer groups, admins have a chance to apply different promotions to different customer groups. Moreover, it also lets admins to show custom messages as button text instead of Add to Cart.

Below are some key features of this extensions:

  • Allow to set custom button text to replace the default Add to Cart 
  • Disable price for specific customer groups and products
  • Able to navigate customers to a certain page
  • Ability to show/hide product price on category page
  • Hide add to wish list and compare

8. FMEextensions | Hide Price for Magento 2


Price: $99.99

Demo: Backend

The last vendor in the list is Hide Price for Magento 2 from FMEextensions. Like other modules, this one also enables you to hide product prices and Add to Cart from specific products, store views, customer groups, and countries. Further, customers have the opportunity to submit quote forms getting product info. The module comes with a highlight feature that lets you hide the price of Cross-sell, Upsell & Related Products.

Let’s take a look at some highlight features of this extension:

  • Control price visibility for certain store views, customer groups, and countries
  • Hide price or Add to Cart button of specific products
  • Hide product price on any page
  • Email notifications for both admins and users
  • Allow to create various rules for hiding price
  • Replace price by custom text, links, or quote form


These are all outstanding Magento 2 Hide Price extensions we suggest for you in this post. We hope this list can help you find your most suitable one for business. Visit our blog to explore more different useful and helpful topics. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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