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How to Add Custom CSS in Magezon Page Builder

Magezon Page Builder - How to add custom CSS

We all know Magezon Page Builder is open source code. Thus, you can modify and create your own CSS code and apply it on the site. The question is, where should you put it in Magezon Page Builder?

This article, we will show you 2 ways to do this.

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Method 1: Add Inline CSS

Adding inline CSS means you restrict it to a single page, block or just an item. For instance, you get a homepage and you only want to add your custom code to shape that page. Follow these steps:

1.1 Click on the Setting icon in the top right of the editor. There will be a pop up like this:

Magezon Page Builder - Add inline code
Magezon Page Builder – Add inline code

1.2 Enter the class names that need to be modified into (1). Then, add custom CSS and refer the names respectively in (2).

Custom CSS
Custom CSS

Don’t forget to hit Save after configuring.

Method 2: Add Global CSS

Follow these steps:
Backend > Stores > Configurations > Magezon Extensions > Magezon Builder > Customization Settings

Custom CSS for site-wide
Custom CSS for site-wide

Enter the custom code in the Custom CSS field then it will be automatically applied for all the pages of your site, whether or not the page or post built with Magezon Page Builder.

Last, never forget to hit Save Config

We hope this article can help you in the configuring process. Any further question or need support about complex code, feel free to contact us.

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