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What is the quickest way to create a Magento 2 menu?


Magento 2 mega | Quickest way to create a menu

Magento 2 mega menu is not a difficult-to-use extension. On the other hands, this kind of extension is also known as the best-seller products in extension marketplace.

However, if someone is totally new for using the extension, it's such a hard work struggling with menus. Deeply understand this circumstance, we provide this extension with the Import Store Categories function.

This interesting function can help you:

  • Save time when creating a common menu - Create menus in the next to no time.
  • Create a menu without efforts to arrange the product's categories - Common menus created logically and precisely

How to create menus in the next to no time?

Builder tab is right below General tab, click on the drop-down button so you can see something like the image below:

Import Store Categories | Backend

- Green Import Store Categories helps easily create a normal type of menu with the existing Category list

As clicking on that green button, a pop-up appears:

Import Store Categories

- Category box displays list of categories for you to choose. Some categories have children like this

Category box

As soon as you select one category and click Import -> It will be automatically added to your menu, including all its children

Like this

Select one category and click Import

Result in storefront

Result in storefront

- Import Childrens is a slide button. When you turn it to Yes, all the children of the category chosen (if it has children) will be added as separate categories in the right side of the parent.

Separate categories in the right side of the parent

On the storefront
On the storefront


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