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New release: Shopzon Scroll To Top App for Shopify


Recently, our first Shopify app was released on the Shopify App Store, named Shopzon Scroll To Top. This app aims to give your customers the best browsing experience thereby enhancing conversion rates. And surprisingly, it’s completely free. You can download and use it right now without any cost. 

Through this blog, we would love to present our app along with the highlighted features you will get when using it.

Stay tuned!

What is Shopzon Scroll To Top App?

Shopzon Scroll To Top is a Shopify app, that allows you to add a back-to-top button on any pages of your online store such as homepages, landing pages, product pages, etc. When customers scroll down the page, this button will be displayed. And it will take him/her back to the top of the page with just a single click.

Highlighted Features

  • Add a scroll to top button to your store with one click
  • Support 2 types of scroll button: text or icon
  • Display button flexibly on different positions
  • Customize button look & feel effortlessly
  • Provide numerous animations for scroll to top button

You can try Shopzon Scroll To Top free today and explore more!

Looking Forward to Our New Projects

Shopzon Scroll To Top app is our first step to approach Shopify’s large user community. We are in the process of researching and developing a comprehensive page builder app for Shopify. We appreciate your comments about Shopzon Scroll To Top and your ideas about the page builder app that will be launched soon.

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us via [email protected] and follow up to get updated information about the upcoming Shopify page builder app.

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