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Common mistakes when designing website

Common mistakes

Here below are some common mistakes while starting to build  a website. We hope this article can help you avoid them and have a better site.

1. Narrow minded

Starting a site means you have tons of audiences and visitors. Be careful while choosing font, logo, background as well as the color of the website. Above all, you should build your site compatible with all the operating systems, browsers and fully responsive.

As we all know, our customers now tend to surf the internet through mobile device. Hence, it will be much more better to be 100% responsive as they can view your site freely, at any time, with any device. Your site’s traffic will then be boosted dramatically.

2. Can’t find contact information

Contact information on website is very important. A website showing contact information is likely to create belief in customers and prove them you’re a prestigious enterprise or store instead of a cheater. Contact information includes modes of traditional contact like your phone number and your company’s address. You should consider this when designing a website.

3. “Click here to enter this web”

Don’t take time of your customers by such sentences: “ Click here to enter this web”. Imagine what you will feel when getting access to a website with the appearance of a pop-up or a shortcut of flash-intro ?

4. Sound

Sound ought to be economically used on any website and never set it in an automatic way. The best way to use sound when designing a web is requiring users to click on “Play” symbol with websites needing sound. However, sound should be restricted to designing a website because this trend is becoming less popular nowadays.

5. Too much Flash

Flash helps you display greatly imagines when economically and elegantly used. It’s a pity that flash today isn’t booted in search tool by google and mobile phones. Flash can also reduce loading speech of a website.

6. Too many insignificant graphics

Imagines on a website must be selected, only high-quality and attractive imagines should be displayed. For example, a real-estate website should use the most beautiful pictures of estate project.

7. “Unfriendly” search tool

A website not friendly with search tool doesn’t guarantee a high rate of website in a search tool.

8. “Welcome to our website”

Express your website’s content professionally instead of a common sentence “Welcome to our website”.

9. Navigation

Navigation through a web page must be visual and easily direct users.

10. Colors

Choose colors suitable for your logo and the whole web page and your website will be more remarkable.

11. Pop-up Windows

Avoid pop-up windows showing “special offer” or an event. Instead, if you want to lay a promotion information of travelling tours, design a fascinating imagine to attract viewers.

12. Dead links

Never attach error links which can cause annoyance to viewers.

13. App-setting

In the whole, users will not want to set an app to view contents on your page. Automatically, almost browsers block web page setting.

14. Low-loading websites

Warrant that your website loads quickly and avoid image graphics which make your website “heavy” and which includes too many flash images.

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